Wednesday 21 March 2012

Mini Primark Haul

I've been meaning to blog about my mini shopping trip to Primark the other weekend. I've had a busy few days and plus some of you may notice I'm back on blogger so hopefully my posts should all show up in your feeds from now on. I don't often blog about hauls or shopping trips as to be honest I don't often get into town to treat myself so this was a really nice rare occasion.

I've totally become obsessed with leggings, whether they're plain or patterned I'm hooked. So when my beady eyes focused on these beautes I knew they were coming home with me.I love the aztec/tribal pattern and the mix of colour, these are a little 'Out There' but that's OK I think a plain black tee will work really well with them.




Second pair of leggings I picked up are a little thicker in material, they too have an aztec/tribal pattern. The colour of the background material is best described as a terracotta shade. I plain to wear a black tee with these also.




This next item is my favourite and an absolute BARGAIN, I first set my eyes on this lovely knitted cardigan at Christmas.I loved the colour and the design was really eye catching, sadly at the time they didn't have my size. Then low in behold whilst have a nosey at the sale items they had this one on it's own with a huge rail of the black version. It's a size 12 which is a little baggy on me but I like cardigans bigger. Also the best is yet to come, this would've set me back £16 at Christmas but I paid £5 for it!!!

*£16* £5!!!


Moustaches seem to be everywhere lately and when I saw this cute tee I found myself rummaging for my size! I like the tie at the bottom and the little capped sleeves are perfect for hot summer days. I recently bought a really cute black moustache ring on Ebay and also ordered a necklace so I plain on wearing them all together. This tee was only £4.


Next up is a leopard print cropped tee which I first spotted on my friend and it was love at first sight so had to pick one up for me! I love the soft wash of colours as the background material and then the black bold leopard print all over. I'm not to sure about the scalloped edging though? But for £4 I can't really be too picky!


I like the fact you can go into Primark and pick up a few bits and feel 'with it' without breaking the bank. My Primark is fairly well stocked and always putting out new lines. I'm hoping to pick up some dresses and pastel jeggings next.

Have you bought any goodies lately from Primark?
Sherrie xoxo

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  1. flipping love those first leggings, would be amazing teamed with some creepers!!!!


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