Thursday 9 February 2012

Good Things DEEP PORE

Good Things skincare has been developed by award-wining beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis. Thanks to her years of experience in the beauty industry the Good Things range was born. The range uses SUPERFRUIT skin boosters in gentle but effective formulations. I really like how the range is paraben free and free from mineral oil, sodium laureth sulphate and animal ingredients. Plus vegetarian and vegan friendly!

They have recently launched a new product called DEEP PORE anti-blemish cleanser.



The cleanser is launching exclusively in Boots and



I've never used a two-in-one cleanser, because I have dry skin I always use a creamy cleanser or an oil. However I do have pores on my nose and chin area which do need some attention. I think this is a great product for people with combination/oily skins.

With Beauty Boosting Superfruit Ingredients :
Wild Strawberry

I use a big fat piece of cotton wool and then squeeze some out and wipe over the face. This is even gentle enough to use around the eye area. I love the scent, very refreshing in the morning.

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  1. mademoiselle Nature11 February 2012 at 14:22


    When is your next video :-)?

    Nce review, but really got disappointed by this brand, when I checked at the composition of the products and all of them were contain not so many good things....slightly misleading for customers.

    Have a good day.

  2. Hello! thank you for your comment :) I haven't got any videos planned at the moment but if there's anything in particular let me know.

    Oh really? That's a shame to know that, i normally just check for Parabens, what other things should I be checking for?

    Thanks :)



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