Saturday 4 February 2012

Cuddly toy storage doubles up as a seat!

I'm sure a lot of you have heaps of cuddly toys, if you're anything like me then do you find yourself regularly sorting through them and then demoting some of them to black liners which then go up in the loft? Yep I know shameful but sadly whilst I don't mind a few cuddly toys out I don't care for heaps of them over taking the house! I currently have a lovely soft wicker basket which houses our 'selected' cuddly toys. However I still find myself trying to push them in so they don't over spill, I like storing them in the basket because it is such a quick easy storage solution.


Since I have a 4yr old son and a 20month old daughter I have double the amount of toys, boys toys and girls! So I have to be sensible with my storage and often find myself searching the web for ingenious products which serve two purposes. So that leads me onto my next 'Toddler Tool' product which I think is a winner.

Animal Bag is a fun and safe way of storing your cuddly toys whilst also acting as a nice comfy seat for your little ones. I've actually been looking for bean bags for my 2 children and haven't found any I like. I think this is such a great idea, their RRP is t £34.99 which to be honest isn't that bad. I personally would find these very helpful, I could place all my cuddly toys in them (I could fill 2 Animal Bags) and then the children can enjoy using them to snuggle up on or watch tv or read a book.

The Animal bag can be used for storing blankets and bedding which is another thumbs up!

There is the option of a Grey version of the animal bag which I do prefer, sadly the only place I could find that stocks these super cool bags is online from they do stock the grey version but it's currently sold out!

Thanks for reading!

Sherrie xoxox

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