Wednesday 25 January 2012

I'm loving KORRES

I have been using some new makeup these past few days and already I'm smitten with the brand KORRES. For those of you who aren't familiar with KORRES I will give you a brief outline of the brand, KORRES is a Greek skincare brand with roots from Athen's first homeopathic pharmacy in 1996. KORRES are renowned for their top quality ingredients and the process which they follow, they have over 400 natural and certified organic products. They are known worldwide with over 25 stand alone stores and can also be found at exclusive department stores and in over 5,000 pharmacies in homeland Greece. if you would like to read up on their brand and learn more about their amazing research into the natural ingredients then check out their website here- KORRES

One of my favourite products has to be their Lip Butters, these are amazing and feel like I've been missing out for years! I really recommend you try their Lip Butters, they have a range of butters only costing £6 which is great value. I like their cute neat packaging, very minimal but it works perfectly.




These are great for dry chapped lips which alot of people suffer all year round like myself, with key hydrating ingredients such as shea butter and rice wax these will help any sad lips. I'm not surprised one is sold every minute and has been featured in many national magazines! So join the club and treat yourself to one today, you'll be thanking me!

These little pots of magic are great to carry round in your handbag and give your lips a really good layer of hydration but also a nice hint of colour on the lips. Quince is beautiful and probably my favourite shade for the moment, however Pomegranate is a beautiful shade for the summer I think and Jasmine is a gorgeous shade for all year round. What I also love about the Lip butters is the fact these would suit all skin types and shades, whether you are very pale in skin or olive these will look great.


They have a little protective lid which helps keep the product nice and clean. They each have their own subtle scent and all of them are very nice and none are off putting at all. I've been applying them and then sniffing them like crazy before screwing the lid back on ha ha!

Pomegranate, Quince & Jasmine


Today I'm wearing Pomegranate Lip Butter, Peach Blush and Wild Rose Foundation, the Blush beautifully packaged and feels just like velvet. They give just the right amount of pigmentation and blend effortlessly. I will be posting about the Blush & Wild Rose foundation in more depth soon so watch this space!


I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the blush so you can see what I mean about the lovely chic packaging and the velvet smooth finish.




You can view the range of KORRES products from

Have you tried KORRES?


Sherrie xoxo


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