Monday 9 January 2012

How to conceal dark circles!

I can finally jump up and down and say I think I've cracked it! I think I've finally found the products which best conceal my dark circles. This has taken me years of trying different under eye concealers, cream and liquid. Then it's the brushes and how best apply the concealer and then it's the staying power!

Here are my HG products to conceal Dark Circles!


Step 1-
Apply orange/peach shade concealer with Boots No7 brush. Dab and blend to get a good layer.


Step 2-
Apply natural shade concealer with finger tip gently in a 'V' shape under the eye.


Step 3-
Using a damp beauty blender gently bounce and tap the concealer. This is an important step which I have only just added and this brings everything together. The blender works its magic by binding the concealer layers and giving an air brush finish.


Step 4-
Apply a loose powder with a fluffy brush, I use Sigma E40 to buff the loose powder onto of the under eye area just to set it. This is also another important step which finishes off the job!
I use a Clinique loose powder which is perfect in size, my mum gave me 2 of these sweet travel sized jars from a Clinique Bonus time. Seeings as I only use this for concealing my under eyes this will last an age.


You may well still see my dark circles but it's a big improvement on this don't you think?


I hope this helps you and steers you in the right direction, any questions then please fire away down in the comment box.


Thanks for reading!

Sherrie xoxo


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  1. I'm a concealer addict too, having not so much dark circles as dark galaxy's under my eyes :( The peach/orange concealer is a great tip as seems to cancel the ashiness. I do mine like that when I have a bit more time and it makes all the difference. Going to try the Dirty Works concealer for sure :)


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