Thursday 3 November 2011

SUPER by Dr Nicholas Perricone

I've been SUPER excited to share with you 2 new products from the SUPER skincare range by Dr Nicholas Perricone.

Dr Nicholas Perricone came up with a simple yet effective concept which is genius, he found that some foods had better effects on the skin and therefore called them SUPERFOODS. Dr Nicholas Perricone then found the molecule in each of the SUPERFOODS and joined it with his patented science and then produced a skincare line called SUPER.

The SUPER range consists of lots of yummy products which sound so good and intriguing, I was very lucky to be invited to the press launch but sadly couldn't make it so the lovely ladies kindly sent me 2 products from the range to try.

I really like the packaging, it's plain and simple yet attractive and appealing on the eyes. The colours used for each product are bright and fun and all products have a classic black lid. Super also have their own motto GREEN & CLEAN which means their products are free of Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Silicones, PEG's, Mineral Oil, Phthalates,Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes and Fragrances. Super products are cruelty free and packaged and manufactured with 80% PCR paper in a carbon neutral facility and made in the USA.

This is a SUPER 3-minute facial mask which really lives up to it's claims and expectations, I couldn't believe how my skin looks and feels after using this. The big seller for me has to be the fact that you only need to leave this on for 3 minutes. My skin doesn't normally tingle when I use products which claim they do but this one does so for me it really feels like it is working and doing exactly what it should be. You can pop this on and brush your teeth, then rinse it off and you're good to go! This is great for skin which sometimes lacks lustre like mine, I find if I don't keep on top of my exfoliation my skin soon looks dull and tired where as using this once a week alongside my exfoliator really helps to keep my skin clear and glowing and hydrated.  The only thing is this does come with a hefty price tag of £37.00 so get saving and you can have glowing skin for the festive season, just think of all those parties you will be attending. Instead of buying a new top or dress treat yourself to this instead!

I had to take a photo of the box with this really funny phrase, it made me laugh when I read it but so true!

The next product which I have fallen in love with and use every day is First Blush this is one of those products which every now and then really wows you. If you suffer from discoloration and redness this would be a must for you but also if you love your sun this is a must as well because it contains Ferulic Acid which helps prevent damage and minimizes redness caused by UV exposure and inflammation. The key benefits of using First blush are brightening, tightening and glowing skin. Ticks every box for me and the price is also reasonable as well, £35.00 / 30ml.

It gives me a nice pick me up and my skin has an instant healthy glow, this can be used daily where as I wouldn't use the 3-minute facial daily. I would say be careful because First Blush comes in a bottle with a pipette so be careful when applying because you don't need alot.

You can purchase the SUPER range from larger Boots stores and also online


Have you seen the SUPER range?

Will you be checking it out next time you're in Boots?


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