Thursday 3 November 2011

Out with the old in with the New!

As some of you may know I planned to have my hair cut and wanted to have something totally different, for years I have thought about having a fringe cut but never braved it. When I spoke with the hair stylist they suggested a side fringe instead of a full fringe so I went with their advice.  I got my hair cut at my local Tony & Guy salon and loved the customer service and really felt relaxed especially when I had my hair washed and the seat moved like a dentist chair!

Being a hetic mummy takes its toll sometimes and the one thing which I do not indulge in is my hair, whilst I have a heap of lotions and potions for my hair I don't have the style or the foundation to work on so now I feel like I want to look after and nuture my new hair, so a little pre-warning you may see a heap of hair related posts coming up soon ha ha!

OK so have I kept you in enough suspense yet???

BEFORE boring witch hair!


AFTER much sleeker and stylish!!!

So my nice choppy layers? I LOVE them so much and love my side fringe, my hair feels so light now which is great.


Thanks for reading.



  1. WOW I adore it Sherrie! The fringe suits you so much and although it's still long it's a proper 'style'. Gorgeous - and you look younger!

    *books appointment* ;)

    Nic x

  2. Ooooh I love it! The fringe really suits you hun! When you get past the panic stage its actually a really nice experience getting your hair cut, especially when they throw in a lovely head massage! :D by the way looooving the new look of the blog hun!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  3. Ah I love it, you look amazing! xxx

  4. Thanks ladies :) I love it so much x

  5. Sherrie! Seriously I love it! I can't even look in the mirror now because of my manky hair cos yours looks so lush!!! Definitely suits you and an advertisement for Toni & Guy for sure xx


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