Saturday 19 November 2011

OSiS Style Shifter Competition Entry

Hello everyone I have a VERY exciting post for you all today, I received a very exciting email and was picked to take part in a competition. So I wanted to share with you all my entry and I hope you all like it. Basically to explain it in a nutshell The person who creates the best hair style through using OSiS+ Style Shifters will win a whopping £250 of Arcadia Shopping Vouchers and some fab products.

So after splashing my facebook profile and watching Adrian Allen's  YouTube video demonstrating OSiS+ Style Shifters I picked Style Shifter 2.



I just wanted to give a little mini review of Style Shifter 2, when I sprayed the product into my hair I couldn't believe how well my hair styled and I could basically mould it into the style I wanted. I am no way very good at styling hair so having a product like this has really helped me and is certainly my saviour now when I want to be adventurous and style my hair. So after flicking through copious amounts of magazines I finally found my inspiration from The HQ of Beauty a fellow YouTuber and beauty blogger and knew I had to give it a go and thought this would be the perfect time to Style and Shift my hair!

The products I used to create my Style Shifter look was a curling iron, clear small bands and large brown hair grips.

STEP 1-First of all I sprayed a small mist of OSiS+ Style Shifter 2 on my hair and then sectioned it all off and using my curling wand I curled away!

Step 2- I then gently ran my fingers through all the curls to give my hair some extra volume and then sprayed another fine layer of OSiS+ Style Shifter 2 and then really scrunched and manipulated the curls and my hair till I was happy with it and then began the 3rd step!

Step 3- Then using 4 of the clear bands I then took the front section of hair and tied it up into a pony tail using the band, I did the same using the rest of the 3 bands so I had 4 pony tails which went down the back of my hair.

Step4- Then taking the brown hair grips I placed the hair still in the centre trying to keep the Mohawk style and gripped the hair in place. Just remember you have to place the hair so you can't see the bands. It's really easy and fun to do, if I can do this ANYONE can.

The Faux Mohawk Look!

So what do you think of my Faux Mohawk??

Another good point about the Style Shifters are the fact you can change your style which is amazing, after I wore this style I then wanted to change it. So took out the bands and grips and didn't need to add any more product because my hair already had the product in and you don't need to add anymore. I then had lovely messy curls and volume, so I shifted my style and it worked!

You can see my entry on the OSiS+ Facebook page here,

You can ourchase the Style Shifters from BeautyBay and they cost £6.95 which is amazing!!! Which Style Shifter are you?

 Thanks for reading and I would love to know what you think!


  1. I absolutely love it! Good luck hun xxx

  2. Love this!! I'm so glad I gave you a bit of inspiration to try something different with your hair. It looks fab, I think I will try it with the curling wand too xx

  3. Ohmygod the faux mohawk looks incredible... I would 100% wear this out and about. I can't wait for my hair to grow a bit so I can give it a go! It looks so stylish and rock chic! xx

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