Tuesday 15 November 2011

New Fake Bake FanTANista Range for Fair Maidens

Self-Tan fanatics will love this post, Fake Bake have joined forces with New Look to launch a new self-tanning range with affordable high street prices.  This range is great for us pasty people out there! I've loved having a nice healthy glow all weekend and can't believe how well the tan has lasted and no patchy areas. That's the one thing which I normally hate about self-tans is when the tan fades and your left with horrible patches.

Lovingly developed by the boffins at Fake Bake comes this high street range specially formulated to turn you lovely fair maidens from pasty to tasty!



Perfectly Smooth Body Polish £5, looks gorgeous and smells gorgeous to! I really like this body scrub because I found the granules to be smaller but much more of them so it did a 'proper job' lol. Natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Elderflower, Sage, Fennel and Yarrow to soften and polish the skin- transforming rough to buff skin.


Soft 'n' Juicy Oil Free Moisturiser £5, is another sweet juicy smelling product which contains natural ingredients such as green tea and ginger to help retain moisture and pro-long your tan. I applied this after using the Body Polish and have also been applying this every other day to pro-long my tan. I've now developed my own routine which seems to work for me and that's applying the lotion every other day and then on the 3rd/4th day apply the self-tan to' top up' your colour.  Even if you use other self-tanners this moisturiser is still a great product which can be used and for £5 it's a great price.

Wash Off Instant-Tan £6, is a little scary to use at first because of the dark tint but this is actually a blessing because least you can see where you are applying it and where you need more. I think the wash off instant tanners are a great idea, if you're out for a date or you just need a little perk me up this is great to use knowing you can wash it off at the end of the day. I think I would use this type of tanner more through the summer when I want a tan on my legs.  This washed off quickly from my hands and they didn't stain which is great and my clothes didn't have a marks on, I did wait a little while before clothing though. Don't worry I put my dressing gown on, blimey I wouldn't want the post man freaking out! ha ha

Sun Kissed Self-Tan £10, is my favourite product from the range. At first when I applied it I thought it looked a little patchy in places where I had applied a little to much if that makes sense? I used a self-tan mitt which is a must because this one is a self-tanner, the scent is very pleasing and sweet. The formula is very creamy and tinted like the wash off tanner, I used this over my face and it came out fine no patches and a very natural glow. When I first applied it I was a little startled and thought WOH I look like I've been on a tropical holiday for a month ha ha! Think TOWIE and you get the picture right? Well thank goodness because the colour settled and I was left with a beautiful glow!

From Pasty to Tasty??

Well I wouldn't go that far but least I look a lot healthier, I have NO foundation on only concealer and blush and lipstick!



Follow Fake Bake Fan FanTANista page on facebook because they often hold giveaways and this range is not to be missed especially for us fair maidens!


Will you be checking out the new range?


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