Wednesday 23 November 2011

Bliss fabulous skin-reviving rubberizing mask

With Winter nearly here I'm sure I'm not the only one who is indulging in some home pampering! The dark evenings give us the excuse to cosy up at home and give ourselves some well deserved treats.

I've been treating my skin to a very unusual face mask by the brand bliss, if you've not heard of bliss before then where have you been? Hiding under a rock? bliss was first founded in 1996 with their first bliss spa in New York City's Soho and since then they have massaged their way to the top and now have eight bliss spas worldwide as well as a skincare and body care range which is very popular!

When I first read the title of the mask the word which immediately jumped out at me was 'rubberizing',  yep it certainly lives up to it's name. I took photos so you peeps could really see how 'rubberizing' the mask is.

*With seaweed, bilberry and vitamin C

*Refreshes skin, fends off free radicals and calms skin

*Helps even out skin's tone and texture, leaving skin vibrant

The contents of the box include: 6 packets, 1 scoop and 6 spatulas. As you can see I've been treating myself lots these past few weeks ha ha!

It's really easy to use, you simply mix sachet into a bowl with one scoop of water then use one of the spatulas provided to mix the up the mask. Once it resembles a smooth paste you quickly apply it to the face and neck, you can use the spatula to apply it or your fingertips. Then the fun part starts, wait 15-20 till the mask is rubberizing, before peeling off. Use once a week. SIMPLES.

*At the bottom of the sachet it clearly states that you DO NOT try to rinse off the mask, you have to dispose of it in your normal waste bin. I presume it's because of the rubber and the ingredients maybe? *

Do you think I still look 'spa-velous'!? Ha ha

I don't normally enjoy peel-off masks but this is totally different and to be honest you don't really need to peel it, as the unique formula sets it turns to rubber and then basically lifts off the face. My skin feels so good after using this treatment mask and for the few days after I find my foundation looks amazing on my skin. I'm a firm believer in great skincare and having a good basis to then enjoy your makeup, you can have all the makeup in the world but unless you look after and treat your skin it'll never look or feel as nice as you want it to.

You can purchase the bliss Skin reviving rubberizing mask for £35 from  which is great value, don't forget you're getting 6 masks. It works out at roughly £5.80 a mask, and believe me they are well worth the money.

Would you like to try bliss's Rubberizing Face Mask?

I would love to know if you've tried bliss before?




  1. This sounds amazing i love a good facemask. Ive not tried many bliss products before but ive really liked the ones that i have tried xx

  2. I just love the way this looks, its so odd yet intriguing!! Sounds absolutely amazing too, foundation looking better after using it is an absolute bonus! xxx


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