Friday 21 October 2011

Tea Tree & Witch Hazel

Tea Tree is great for sensitive and irritated skin, tea tree and witch hazel are often used in many skincare products to help a variety of skin problems. I've been testing out some of the range from Grace Cole called TEA TREE & WITCH HAZEL. I was kindly sent some hair, face & body products to try and wanted to share my thoughts with you about the shampoo & conditioner and body butter.

For years I have suffered from a dry itchy scalp which has become just a part of my hair routine and I've tried various products which have helped but all of them seem to be actual treatments which you would use once a week. However finding a shampoo & conditioner which can help is great, I know there are actual shampoos & conditioners out there that target problem scalps but non of them seem to have the same effect which I have experienced since using the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Shampoo & Conditioner.

Cleansing Shampoo £3.00/ 300ml

On the first application I didn't find the scent appealing however it's because the shampoo is made using natural ingredients so what you smell is Tea Tree which has a distinct scent. After a while though I got use to it and found it refreshing and enjoyed using it knowing how it was helping my scalp. If you suffer fom an irritated scalp then I would really recommend you try this because the price is great, cheap as chips. It's always great to find a product which really works and doesn't break the bank because you know you'll go back for more. It lathered up well and rinsed out easily.

Nourishing Conditioner £3.00/ 300ml

I found the conditioner to be really light but nourishing not weighing the hair down and it didn't leave any residue which I find so many conditioners seem to do recently. I have thick hair so I go through conditioner quite quickly. I found the conditioner coated my hair nicely and was easy to rinse out which was a big bonus, after a while my poor arms ache! This leaves my hair with a lovely natural shine accentuating my hair colour.

Quenching Body Butter £4.00/200ml

Then something for the body, I've been trying their Quenching Body Butter which is really rich and nourishing. Perfect for the change of seasons and especially now the heating is going on I know I need to up my body care routine and make sure I apply a body moisturiser at least once a day and twice if I have time. My skin gets dry and itchy and then red and sore, again having the key ingredients of tea tree & witch hazel makes a big difference. My skin is soothed and feels calm no itchiness or irritated skin, normally I feel it worse on my legs. I love the big tub of cream, easy to use and apply.

This range would really appeal to people who have skin which is naughty and doesn't always stay calm. Whether you suffer from dry skin, blemish prone skin I would recommend you try the hair care and body care for sure. I do have a couple facial products which I'm planning to test soon and will update my thoughts with you very soon so check back and see what I think of the skincare range.

I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for all your support and kind words.

*Pr Samples*

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