Saturday 22 October 2011

Nanoblur: One sold every 10 seconds!

Well there's a product which everyone is talking about, tweeting about and lusting over! I had the chance to try it and have to say I so can see why, OK whilst I don't have many wrinkles I do have frown lines on my forehead which are noticeable and sadly will be there for life now. However using this has blurred them out, this isn't a skincare treatment but a trick in a box. This would be great for special occasions when you know you're going to be on show. Another big factor to mention is Nanoblur can in fact be used on the hands, neck or any other part of your body.

£19.99/ 30ml

So what's so special and how does it work? I hear you say... 
Well Nanoblur uses the most advanced form of optical prism technology to literally 'blur' any lines and flaws on the skin. It combines millions of micro-prisms to create the appearance of poreless skin, while reducing wrinkles, textural damage and unwanted pigmentation. The water-based formula fits into your daily skin care routine which is great so you don't need to stop or alter what you do. You simply incorporate this into your routine to suit you. Nanoblur recommend you apply this over the top of your liquid foundation or underneath a powder foundation.If you have dry skin then you can mix Nanoblur with your daily moisturiser and then apply your face makeup as you normally would.

Nanoblur say:

Nanoblur maybe small but it does BIG things, this is a great size to hide away in your handbag and whip out when you need a quick fix, and lets face it whats quicker than 40secs??? You can purchase Nanoblur from Boots which is great because everyone has a Boots near them, if your local Boots doesn't stock this then order online and have it sent to your store.
Thanks for reading and I hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far, please feel free to leave a comment below.

What have you heard? 
Will you be running to the shops to grab one or two?


  1. This looks awesome! Can't wait to test it out!

  2. I'm waiting for this to arrive and cant wait to try it after reading all the hype x

  3. I won some of this on twitter and it arrived this morning. I gave it to my mam and we had a little play around the the results were AMAZING. They made such a difference, especially on her neck/chest! xxx


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