Thursday 20 October 2011

Latest Fashion Buys

Right this is not a post I do often mainly because I don't often get the time to go and pick up bits for myself, being a busy mummy of two little ones I mainly spend my money on them! So I treated myself to a few little goodies which I wanted to share with you lovely lot.

Asos recently had their mid-season sale which I think is still on but probably not much left now, I was totally charmed when I saw this super cute gold charm necklace. This was originally £8 which lets face it ladies isn't going to break the bank but when I saw it reduced down to £4 It was in my shopping cart and bought faster than you can imagine.  The chain is a nice length and sits beautifully in the centre of your chest area and really catches the light and eye.

The next two bargains I bought yesterday and are both from Tescos F & F range, they currently have a sale and also 25% off certain items. I saw this cute long cardigan with horses and horseshoes printed all over it and loved it. I like the burnt amber/copper shade of the cardigan because I don't have anything like this and it really caught my eye and reminded me of Autumn. It has black buttons down the centre and 2 pockets, I bought a size bigger for comfy-ness. This was originally £16 but reduced to £11 which I thought was fabulous, I intend on wearing a plain coloured tee underneath either a white/black/chocolate one and then pair it up with some leggings and my soft beige O'Neill boots. I love wearing cosy slouchy clothes in the autumn/winter.

My last bargain which I snapped up was this cute black patent handbag which has a lovely long strap to wear on your shoulder or across your body. What drew me to the bag was the shape of the bag and the cute opening on the front. This will go with lots of outfits and for once I'm glad it doesn't have lots of fancy pockets. I want a bag which when opened doesn't resemble Mary Poppins bag, I want to be able to find what I'm looking for. This was originally £12.50 and was reduced to £7 which again was very pleasing to my purse :)

Have you picked any bargains up in the sales? 
Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. this cardi is lovely, i snapped it up as soon as it came into our store - i love tesco clothing! sometimes i forget to buy food.

  2. Love the cardi! Tesco is a dangerous place what with the clothes, make up, electrical goods, dvds, books, cds oh yeah and the food! It's oddly one of my favourite shops! x


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