Thursday 13 October 2011

Kleenex New Facial Cleansing

In case you haven't heard Kleenex have recently launched a new range facial cleansing products. We all know Kleenex whether we use them for tears of joy or to wipe away sad tears they have been around for many a years and are still going strong. I've had a good couple weeks now using the new range so I feel I can give you an honest review. However to be honest after the first or second use I basically felt I knew enough about them to give an honest review but thought I would give them a fair trial.
I like the packaging and the images of the masques on each product, I could see these really catching peoples attention in the shops with the clean crisp white background and the clear splash of colour.

Facial Cloths £1.99
Do not be fooled by the packaging these are in fact cotton wool sheets! They feel so soft to touch, they are quilted and made from natural fibres and claim to be softer than cotton wool. They can be used wet or dry which is a bonus and therefore are great for applying cleansing lotion/toner or removing facial masks or even nail polish. I tried to get a close up so you can see the thickness and the texture of the cloths. The box contains 30 cloths.

Eye Make-up Removal Wipes £2.99
I have to admit every now and then I do go through a lazy stage where I just want to remove my makeup quickly with no fuss, so using cleansing cloths is great for me. However I've never come across any which are suitable to use on the eye area so these really appeal to me and I'm sure they appeal to a lot of you peeps! I like the slim line packaging making them different and unique from other brands. They even remove waterproof mascara, I can't say I've tried them on waterproof mascara because I don't wear it.
All the products have the ecoform natural fibres stamp which means they are friendly on the environment rather than your traditional cleansing wipe. The pack contains 24 wipes.

Facial Cleansing Wipes £2.99
Theses wipes are suitable for sensitive skins and very similar to the facial cloths being quilted and gentle. I like the way Kleenex have thought of the catch phrase removing your 'mask' because that's so true. The scent is minimal and not fragranced at all which is another bonus for me, I've tried various brands in the past and they make the mistake of adding a scent which can really put people off.

Shine Absorbing Sheets £2.99
I haven't used blotting sheets for years probably when I was a teenager I think, I did have terrible oily skin with so many blemishes. My skin has changed now and I have combination-dry with the typical t-zone, well today I felt my face was literally melting. My face felt dirty and just greasy which was horrible, I reached for these and couldn't have been more impressed. I took out one sheet and used the plain side to dab away at my nose and forehead. My t-zone instantly looked much better, these have now been added to my handbag so I can grab them when needed. I liked the fact my makeup stayed in tact, which they claim to do. When I removed the sheet I expected to see traces of foundation but it was totally clear, so big thumbs up Kleenex you've done a brilliant job! The sleek neat pack contains 50 sheets.

Now onto the pricing, well to be honest they all have reasonable price tags compared to other brands on the market who sell similar products. HOWEVER Superdrug currently have all of these HALF PRICE!! Yes half price so if any of these or ALL of them tickle your fancy then be quick and stock up because you can't beat half price my lovelies!

Have you seen the NEW Kleenex Facial Cleansing Range?
What do you fancy trying first?

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  1. I enjoy their products very much. I love the soft feel of it. I really need to go search these products out!

  2. I loved their "Shine Absorbing Sheets" also known as blotting sheet.. it was just perfect...

  3. these look good (: great review !

    CMPang x


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