Sunday 30 October 2011

Christmas Festive Treats

We recently visited our local Garden & Leisure store to see the beautiful christmas arrangements and scenes. We always visit every year and my son loves going to their grotto, I will try and take photos next time we visit so you can see how great the store is. They have so many colour coded displays with every colour christmas decoration you can think of! I'm not sure about you but we have a mix 'n' match tree which has an array of different ornaments which I've collected my whole life and most of them all tell a story which I think is magical and what Christmas is all about.
So when I saw this beautiful Peacock decoration I had to have it, he was glistening on the hanger and he soon fell captive in my shopping basket amongst a scrummy Christmas Eve Yankee Candle Wax Tart.

I must admit whilst I'm new to wax tarts, I first used a wax tart last year which was a homemade one not by myself. Sadly I found the scent soon went only after a couple goes and this put me off trying them anymore and I soon resorted back to using oil. However since trying the Yankee Candle wax tart I don't think I would ever try or waste my money on any other wax tarts or oils again. I've burnt the tart 3 times and the aroma is still filling the house with a lovely christmassy scent.

Yankee Candle say the wax tarts can burn up to 8 hours each which is amazing. This one cost me £1.15 and well worth the money, not only am I going to go back to stock up for the winter but I'm also thinking of picking up a selection for stocking fillers. I know my mum would love a selection of the winter themed fragrances all wrapped up. The other scent which I wish I picked up but will pick up next time is Christmas Rose, I'm a rose scented devotee anyone but this just smelt divine and very homely.

Have you tried the Yankee Candle wax tarts? 
Which scents are your favourite?


  1. I've never used any Yankee Candles, I always get mine from Slatkin & Co. from Bath and Body Works but they look quite similar scent wise.

  2. I'm a huge wax tart fan too. I love all the Xmas smells c

  3. Those wax burning shots are so pretty, I love the Yankee melts

  4. Love the peacock! I don't think I've tried wax tarts...
    Nic x


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