Tuesday 11 October 2011

ART DECO Autumn/Winter Collection

Art Deco have released their Autumn/Winter collection called Wild at Heart the collection consists of teals, plums and taupe's which are all stunning! I was very kindly sent a selection of their new shades from the collection and would like to share my thoughts with you lovely bunch.

I have had so much fun using their Eye Designer which is a great versatile product, basically you pick your eye shades and then they simply screw onto the ends. This is great to carry around with you, it's light and compact. I have took in depth photos showing below how simple it is.

The Eye Designer has 2 ends both sponge tipped but one end has a more defined pointed shape whilst the other is more rounded. Decide which eyeshadow powder you want at what end and then you simply screw on, it could not be any easier.

The range of shades available is great, from soft muted shades to deep smokey shades. I have the shade 14 which is a soft grey cameo, great for every day. The other shade I have is 67 which is a Nile Blue, this is a true Navy shade which looks amazing along the lower lashes and blended into the crease of the eyes. I really like both of these individually and together.Check out the range of shades here.

Soft Eye Liner- 60 Azure Blue / Soft Lip Liner 91- Creamy Violet

The Soft Eye Liners and Soft Lip Liners remind me of Mac straight away, I love the black packaging and the coloured tip and cap. They are both waterproof which is great because they both have staying power, I need an eye liner which is going to last me all day because I apply my makeup early in the morning and then have my 2 young children to look after all day and find some eye liners look non existent by lunch time. As for the lip liner I was really surprised with how long it lasted and I actually used this all over my lips one day and it lasted far longer than any lipstick. It just goes to show that lip liners can be 2 products in one!

As you all know I have a natural obsession with concealers for the under eye area so when I saw this in the package I did a little dance! Perfect Teint concealer reminds me so much of the YSL version, I have shade 6 which is perfect for me. The warm apricot shade really helps my dark dark circles and brightens the area, I apply this all over the under eye area and using my ring finger I very gently blend this in.

Ceramic Nail Lacquer 117 has to be in my top 3 Autumn shades this season! I love the delicate feminine shade, this looks amazing on short and long nails. Art Deco describe the Nail Lacquer as a soft Grey Cameo, after comparing this with other grey polishes I think it has a slight warmth to it which is pleasing on the hands. I will post a NOTD soon so you can see how pretty this polish really is.

 *I did take swatches but sadly as you know the weather has been rather dull so the colours do not show as intense in real life*

Soft Lip Liner/ Soft Eye Liner/ Concealer/ Eye Powder 17/ Eye Powder 67

Here's a look I created using the Eye Designer and Soft Eye Liner and Concealer.

Here's a close up of the lips I wore these lips yesterday and loved them...

ART DECO is available from www.garden.co.uk   you can keep up to date with the latest collections and launches by following ART DECO on Twitter here and Facebook here.

Have you seen the new ART DECO A/W collection?
What would you like to try?


  1. I really like ArtDeco, its about the only affordable brand in Malta! I havent seen this collection out yet but I've not been to the shops in a while. I love the eye designer, so unique and handy! xx

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  2. You look so pretty as always hun! Love the stuff you featured.


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