Friday, 2 September 2011

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skincare

You may already know that I've been using some new skincare if you follow me on twitter, I wanted to share my thoughts with you lovely lot so far. The skincare which I've been using is from Palmer's, I've been using their cleansing gel with my Nutrasonic and these work perfectly together. Then I've been using their Calming Day Lotion and their Night Renewal Cream.

Daily Cleansing Gel £3.95/100ml is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, the gel smells fine and lathers up well. I've been using this with my Nutrasonic and they both work wonders together. If you're looking for a a friendly priced cleansing gel then give this one a go. I have to agree my skin does not feel tight or dry after using this cleansing gel so that's a thumbs up from me. I haven't used a cleansing gel for yonks because of my dry skin but lately my skin type as been a little mixed up. I'm putting that down to the change in my skin care routine and lifestyle. 

Daily Calming Facial Lotion £5.95/100ml is my favourite product out of the 3 products I've been trying out.
When I first read this was a lotion I instantly dismissed it and thought this wont be 'enough' for my skin. I was so wrong as you can see from my hand below this is not like a lotion you would expect. This is in a tube which I prefer rather than a jar and using your fingers, plus this is a 100ml so this will last for ages! I've been using this all over my face and neck and love it, this doesn't contain an SPF so make sure you use on over the top or make sure your foundation has one if your planning on going out in the sun.The lotion has been specially designed to help reduce redness and irritation on the skin whilst calming stressed skin as well. My husband had terrible red sore skin after a wet shave and so I told him to apply some of this and it really helped soothe and take the redness away.

Night Renewal Cream   £6.95 /75g I must honest and say I'm not a fan of this product, I'm not keen on the subtle lily scent. The cream formula is fine and what I like in a night cream, rich and sinks into the skin. However for me I can't seem to get on with it because of the scent, I wouldn't say it's an over powering scent at all but it just doesn't agree with me. Have you tried the night cream, what do you think of the scent? I was drawn to the night cream because of it's claims, encourages skin renewal and contains Retinol which we all know is a key product.

Have you tried any of the Palmer's Skincare line? There's also an eye cream and facial scrub, I'm a fan of their famous best seller body lotion which I used lots when pregnant. I did notice their Olive Oil range which looks good in the bright green packaging. Palmer's is available here I would say Boots and Superdrug is your best bet for having a look at the range. Keep an eye out for special offers!

What's your favourite Palmer's Product?


  1. the night cream sounds really neat. I would like to try it out.


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