Tuesday 6 September 2011

Origins- Super Spot Remover

I don't normally suffer with blemishes but boy oh boy did I have a breakout last week! Jeese, I didn't have 1 spot I didn't have 2 spots but 3 spots which where all on my chin and jaw line. It was horrible and really got me down, my makeup covered them well but you could still see them and they felt sore. Luckily Origins Super Spot Remover came to my rescue like a damsel in distress.

 £12.00 / 10ml
This is a blemish treatment gel which you apply straight onto your naughty blemish, then the magically gel will work it's powers to banish your blemish away. I used the gel for 5 days straight and then started to notice my skin peeling so eased off as recommended by Origins and used this every other day. Over all I used the treatment gel for 8 days and can very happily say by blemishes have vanished! YAY!!! No one wants blemishes right ladies? I'm sure we've all done the toothpaste trick and tried and tried to pick the blemish but STOP neither of them is good for your skin and you will end up drying the skin around your blemish which you don't want. 

* Key Ingredients *
Salicylic Acid
Apple & Cucumber Extracts

* Essential Oils * 

Origins Super Spot Remover gel is especially formulated with powerful natural ingredients which help resolve blemishes whilst also reducing scarring which is really important. How many of us have had a blemish which we've picked at and then scarred our skin ever so slightly? Well with the help of Super Spot Remover this would help with the blemish and scarring whilst also preventing future breakouts. 

Just to let you lovely lot know that Origins is having a special offer starting on the 9th September- 30th September. You can pick 3 samples out of their top 10 best sellers with every skincare purchase.
Super Spot Remover Gel is available from Origins counters or online at www.origins.co.uk

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  1. oh this looks great.

    im the same, when i get spots it's usually a mass of them, never just one!! Gah!!


  2. This sounds quite good, definitely worth a try! I had a horrid breakout around my chin recently too and I rarely get spots, ggrr!! xx

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  3. I don't tend to get blemishes, I have sensitive skin instead of spot prone skin but this looks really good - something I wouldn't mind picking up as a "just in case" product. I love Origins x

  4. Just ended up ordering this from the site and getting the 3 samples plus another tiny sample of a new eye product.. all because of this post lol. Plus i though it was probably time to upgrade lush greased lightening!

  5. Thanks for all your comments ladies! :) x

    @Holly Thats great stuff, it's a great beauty staple to have. Enjoy your freebies! Let me know what you think! x


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