Sunday 4 September 2011

Eye Candy Strip Lashes

This is an exciting post for me, if you follow me on twitter then you will know I've never tried false lashes before! Yes youo heard right ladies NEVER, however that recently changed and I can proudly say I am no longer a falsh eye lash virgin anymore YAY :) *cheers. I tried out some stunning stirp lashes from Eye Candy who have an amazing selection of lashes both natural and retro!

50's Dramatise Strip Lashes £4.49

After watching a heap of YOUTUBE videos I took the plunge and finally gave these beauties a chance to shine! Here's the finished look.

I used the glue which came with the set and had no problems applying this and found they did the job well! The glue goes on white but once dry it's clear so you don't notice you have them on. I didn't trim these but if you do you're meant to trim the wider/longer end off not the inner corner part.

Overall I give these a big THUMBS UP! Eye Candy has a huge range of lashes which all look fabulous, they have 50s & 60s designs. I really like the look of the naturalise ranges and also the 50s Dramatise numbers 016/017/018 these look good ones.

You can purchase Eye Candy Strip Lashes online at and also at selected Boots stores and Boots online.

What are your favourite Flash Lashes? 
Have you tried Eye Candy Lashes?


  1. Yes you did it! They look amazing on you as well Grrrr xx

  2. i've never tried eye candy but those lashes look gorgeous!! x

  3. You have definitely inspired me to give them a go! You look gorgeous! x

  4. I am still a false lash virgin but with my sensitive eyes I think I shall remain so... they look great on you. Are you going to wear more now ?


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