Sunday 11 September 2011

Autumn Eyes with Sleeks Sunset Palette...

Following on from my Sultry Sexy eye look which I did yesterday, today I wanted to use the Sunset palette by Sleek to create an Autumn look suitable for the day. However once I got my creative juices flowing there was no stopping me and so this probably is not a day look but is so pretty and reminds me of when the leaves turn that beautiful deep red gold colour.

The Sunset palette is another great palette which has a POP of colour which is great for all year round, I love the burnt rusty warm shades which look beautiful with all eye colours and really brings your natural eye colour out. I have green/hazel eyes and these shades really bring out the green in my eyes. I've been using my Sleek Contour palette which has the most amazing golden highlight, I have the shade Light which is still quite dark and is a great contour shade for me.


This is the look I created using the shades numbered above.

* First I used number 1 all over the lid and in the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow, use this shade softly under the brow and blend well.
* Next up I went for the yellow gold on the middle of the lid and blended into the inner corner of the eye softly.
*I used number 3 on the outer part of the eye lid and crease, I used this colour to act as a base for the darker burnt rusty shades. Blend well into the crease.
* To create some warmth and depth to the eyes I used number 4 on the outer corner and blended out softly.
* To finish the look I went for a deeper burnt rust/red shade and used number 5 just on the outer corner and along the lower lash line.

Blending is key here ladies so take your time and blend well, I love this look and the colours are so beautiful just like Autumn leaves.  I went for nude lips because I wanted to keep the eyes the main focus of the look, I hope you like it and let me know would you wear this during the day or evening?

Please leave a comment and tell me which look you would like me to create next 
and what shades I should use??

Thanks for reading have a great day!
I hope I've inspired you to get your shadows out and have a play.


  1. This is such a beautiful look. Going to try this I think. xxx

  2. Lovely look. Really loving your lip colour too :)


  3. Beautiful look , love the colors :)

  4. You look amazing...seriously! You always do the prettiest eye looks and this is no exception. Its perfect for fall and I totally think you could wear it during the day.

  5. You are stunning! I love this, thanks for giving me some new ideas for a look! :)

  6. What a pretty look! I want that palette!! Any ideas on where to get these in the states??


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