Monday 22 August 2011

My top ten makeup brushes

I've been meaning to do this post for a week or so now and thought I would get round to finally showing you my 'go to' brushes. I would say it's taken me a little while to find the brushes which work for me and now I've found these brushes I'm very happy with them and wouldn't want to change them. They are all but two super cheap brushes which won't brake the bank but are still great quality.

~ Face Brushes ~

* Fat Kabuki Brush by First Light used to buff in bronzer, powder and also blusher if applied a little to heavy.
* elf Powder Brush used to apply liquid foundation.
* elf Stipple Brush used to apply bronzer
* elf Blush Brush, I'm sure you guessed that one!
* Mac 168 for contouring
* Boots No7 Concealer Brush

 ~ Eye Brushes ~

* Boots No7 Eye Colour Brush used to pat cream shadow on the lid and also great for using shadow in the inner corner of eyes.
* elf Eyeshadow 'C' brush used for applying on the lid and packing into the crease.
* elf Contour Brush used for applying shadow in the outer crease and corner of eyes.
* MY FAVOURITE ALL TIME brush has to be Boots No7 Blend and Contour brush, OMG this is my HG eyeshadow brush and I've picked up another one recently using Boots No7 £5 cvoucher. Total bargain for £2.25.

So there you have it folks my TOP 10 brushes, I'm already planning to buy some more backups of the No7 and elf brushes and even try a few more.

I would LOVE to know what you're go to brushes are? Would you recommend any other elf brushes to try?


  1. I love my 168! and the No7 contour brush- I have 2 in my collection haha xx

  2. lovely collection :)
    maybe i should try some elf brushes hmmm but i dont need any at the moment but i wana try lol confused? XD maybe if i need a new stippling brush? will see..
    <3 Thank You for adding us, feel free to look around & Inquire <3

  3. i want a decent brush set ,this post has given me ideas,thanks :)

  4. I love the ELF crease brush and the C shaped one too

  5. These are great! I love the ELF brushes too! If you ever looking for mid range, the Sonia Kashuk brushes are amazing too!


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