Friday 26 August 2011

Enrapture Totem Styler

Following on from my video review of the Enrapture Totem Styler I wanted to do a blog post showing photos of the styler and the look I created. You can watch my video review here.

The packaging is very sleek and refreshing, less is more in my eyes and they've certainly not over done the packaging. The Totem Styler comes in this beautiful vibrant blue box which is very strong and can see this serving well.

I took some photos to show you the Totem Styler close up, I'm so pleased they've added the little stand which holds the styler up nicely. You also have a heat resistant pouch which doubles up as a storage pouch so 2 benefits, which is always good. The Totem Styler is used the same way as traditional tongs, but is so much more than just your average tongs.
You can use the styler as you would a curling wand by simply wrapping the hair around the barrel. The really cool thing about the Totem Styler is the 3 independent heating zones, these zones control they type of curl you want to achieve. On the main part of the styler you will see 3 separate dials with number options1/2/3, 1 being the coolest and 3 being the hottest.
There's a little flipper which holds your hair in place giving you a much tighter curl, I like the little flipper because it gives you control. 
Enrapture have included a booklet which shows you the different codes to use for creating different type curls.

 For this look I used the code 1-1-3 I like how the curls fall, very subtle and nice day time look.

For the second look I used 2-2-2 and love the big bouncy curls.

The Totem Styler retails at RRP £74.99 and you can purchase it from Argos and Boots.
You can visit the Enrapture web site for more code ideas and follow them on twitter and Facebook.

Have you tried the Totem Styler? Which code is do you use?


  1. Lucious locks, Sherrie! This looks like the best curling tongs.
    Have posted your prize out today, lovely. So sorry it is late - but it will be with you SOON! xxx

  2. Oh wow! How cool?! Isn't technology fab! Love both looks and curls really suit you

    Steph x

  3. you're hair looks lovely :) but 74.99 is a bit pricey for hair tong!! yikes! xx


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