Tuesday 26 July 2011

The Ultimate Summer Gift by Ciate

The weather was lovely yesterday and very hot so this post fits in perfectly, Ciate have the Ultimate Summer Gift which is such good value. You are getting £100 worth of products for £40! Plus the items are genuinely really useful and the coloured polishes are very pretty. This is an exclusive online gift and is for a limited time only so if you likey likey then be quick and snap this set up before they're all gone.

Feast your eyes on this lovely gift
 I haven't tried their normal polishes but have heard rave reviews about them, I've only ever tried the Asos Paints by Ciate which I bought last year from the Asos sale. I was very impressed with the colour and the consistency of the polishes so I can only imagine their normal range of polishes would be of the same high quality. I love the cute bows on the polishes so sweet and they look greatd on your dressing table.

Contents Include:
♥ Speed Coat 
♥ Polish Grip
♥ Underwear
♥ Love me Oil
♥ White Chocolate Nail Polish Remover
♥ The Glossip
♥ Cupcake Queen
♥ Sugared Almonds
♥ Miss Rich Nail Growth Balm

I thought this would also be great to use as gifts, you could spilt up the set and keep some for yourself and then use some of the other products as gifts for people.

Have you tried Ciate Polishes? 
What are your favourite shades?

Hope the sun is shining for you today


  1. I have never tried them but they look so chic in their little bottles!! If I had to choose only two, they would be The Glossip and Cupcake Queen, they're so summery!


  2. This looks fab! Have you ordered it? X

  3. I love Ciate polishes - this is great set!

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies!

    @Andrea Yes I agree those shades look stunning!x

    @Pyxiee No :( I am not aloud! I wish i could because I would defo be using some items for birthday gifts. x

    @Alice yes its great set for a great price! x

  5. Oh god, please tell me the nail varnish remover actually smells like white chocolate. That would literally blow my mind! Lol :P rachinald.blogspot.com :)


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