Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Inika Cosmetics

Inika Cosmetics is a new brand to myself and really caught my eye when I read about how eco-Friendly this brand actually is! Inika is Australia's leading eco-glam cosmetics range which is now available from John Lewis Online.
Inika have really done their research and hard work, they have so many commitments to the environment which you can check out here.

Brow Pencil £11.75/ Light Reflect Creme £16.35
The product which excited me the most was the Light Reflect Creme which instantly reminded me of Nars liquid Illuminators. I am a true highlighter junkie so LOVE anything which claims to highlight or accentuate your cheek bones has me. I have to agree that Inika Light Reflect Creme delivers just that, you can use this on your eye lids and brow bone for extra highlighting. You need a small amount as the creme is very pigmented, I would say the shade is similar to a beautiful Champagne/Pearl. This is a little on the pricey side but because this products works and really highlights the cheek area I would say this is reasonable priced also taking into account how green the brand is.

I love how soft the Brow Pencil feels on the skin, it reminds me of how Macs Pearlglide liners feel. The colour is perfect for my brows and also looks fine with my red hair so if you're a brunette or red head then this shade would be fine. They also have a lighter shade for Blondie's :)
Plus I love how they've included a sharpener lid, perfect for people like me who are always losing their sharpener.
 What do you think Sweetcheeks?
Have you heard or tried this Brand?
Have a lovely day

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