Sunday 24 July 2011

Glamoriser- Hair Styling Unlimited

Following on from my Hair Tool reviews I have another styling tool which I wanted to show you, meet the Glamoriser!

Well this is a very smart styling tool and does so much which I was completely surprised at!
  • Straightens hair 
  • Create flicks thanks to the Tear-Dropped shape of the barrel
  • Create curls using the 'Straightening Iron Technique'
  • Lock the barrel together to create a wand and use either the wider part for loose curls or the thinner part for tighter curls
  • This is great for styling shorter hair and getting a curl or a lift with shorter hair
  • You can open the barrel and wrap your hair in a figure of eight way to create loose beachy waves.
  • Great for straightening and styling fringes! 
These are super easy to use, simply slide the red switch for on/off and then using the -/+ button you can decide your chosen temperature. These heat up to 230'c which is very hot so be careful! Luckily they have added these super sweet funny fingertip protectors! To lock the barrel together there is another switch which is on the base of the barrel, simply slide the switch to lock or unlock. You do need to hold the barrel together for the lock to work.

 This would be the one styling tool which you could take a way with you and would straighten your hair and curl your hair and style your hair. The only negative is this is a little on the pricey side, retailing at £79.99 however by the time you fork out for a pair of decent hair straighteners and then a curling wand you would pay way over this cost so maybe this is good value. How much would you pay for a curling wand and hair straighteners?

This is how I curled my hair once I locked the barrel together.
 I love clipping my curls half up half down, cascading curls are so pretty!

I want to test this out as straighteners next so will keep you updated and will take before and after snap shots for you to feast your eyes on!

The Glamoriser is available from Sallys Express

Has anyone tried this amazing styling barrel? 

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