Friday 29 July 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I'm sure you've all seen the NEW jumbo cans which Batiste have released, these are super big cans which are great! You may have also noticed they have re-packaged some of their cans with new designs which I like, it's like they've had a freshen up so to speak ha ha!
I wanted to try the Tropical scent because I had heard lots of good things about it, my close friend says this is her favourite scent by far. Sadly I did not feel the same, I still like the scent but for me BLUSH is amazing and is still my favoruite right next to BRIT. Tropical smells of coconuts and have a that tropical aroma which is lovely for this time of year.  

Their Newest can  is the  XXL Volume which creates big and bouncy hair. I have loved using this and playing around, it really works which is always a bonus don't you think? Once in your hair it feels like hair spray I think, you can feel you have product in your hair so not sure you could go a few days using this without washing? I found that I had to wash my hair because it felt thick with product. HOWEVER the theory behind the product works this certainly creates big hair!

I love it have a bit of a lift at the crown of my head when I wear my hair in a pony , I sectioned my hair into 3 sections and the used the XXL Volume and massaged the product into the roots. You can feel the hair lifting whilst doing this. I then used a brush to softly neaten the top layer of hair being careful not to brush out the lift and then tied in a pony!

Have you tried the New XXL Volume? 
What is your Favourite Batiste scent?


  1. Lovely post. I havn't tried the new XXL yet as I'm still getting through my huuuge bottle of the normal batiste, but it is on my to buy list. Also, love your ponytail and the cute flower xx

  2. I love Brit, it is def my favourite smell of all the Batiste shampoos! I haven't tried the new Batiste yet, need to get my hands on some! xx

  3. Believe it or not i have never tried batiste. I have a mini of the origional which i got in my glossy box but not used it yet. The XXL looks a lot more up my street so will probably give that a go at some point xx

  4. You got some serious lift in the ponytail, impressive! :) Might have to try it! :)

  5. the XXL is sooo need to try looks fab,

    In the standard batiste I love tropical and brit x


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