Sunday 19 June 2011

Vidal Sassoon Maxi Mini Hair Straighteners.

Hello Cherubs I'm always trying new hairstyles and love experimenting with new looks and new tools. I was recently sent some Hair Straighteners from Vidal Sassoon and wanted to share with you my thoughts and feelings on them.


Ok so first things first there are in fact 2 straightening irons, a Maxi full sized straightener and a Mini palm sized straightener for on the go.
On first glances I was smitten with them before even using them purely because of the colour! Hot Pink outer casing and black ceramic plates, what's not to love? Plus you get a FREE storage pouch which is always handy.

However on further inspection and useage I'm sad to say that these straighteners didn't live up to my expections which is sad.
I found them to feel quite boxy and plastic, there is only one heat setting which reaches 200'c which actually didn't feel that hot. There is an on/off switch which is easily accessible and simple to use, there is no light to indicate when they are ready to use but they do say they only take 60 secs to heat up.
It took me twice aslong to straighten my hair than it normally does and my arms where aching after a while because I had to keep going over the sections of hair before I saw any great difference. I do have a lot of hair which is on the thick side so I would say these would probably be fine for people with fine hair.

I wanted to take a couple pics showing you before and after so you can see for yourselves and make up your own thoughts. To be fair you can see a difference but for me personally when I straighten my hair I love to have really straight hair and these felt like they weren't hot enough to achieve my desired look. Maybe if you have very dry or damaged hair these would be more safe and gentle to use on your hair. I always use a heat protector spray and do not use straightening irons every day so I do look after my hair. Its just when I want to straighten it I do like the sleek poker straight look.
♥ Before ♥

♥ After ♥

I think these would be good for youngsters who maybe are using them for the first time and don't want to pay out a lot of money but still want to use them for a subtle look. The Mini version would be great for fringes and for when you're at work and poping out after for a few drinks or for diner however you need to make sure there is a plug around! lol

These are priced at a VERY purse friendly £19.99 and are available from Argos.

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  1. I agree with you. The straightener has given you just a blow-dried look.


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