Friday 10 June 2011

Topshop Lips

Topshop lipsticks are so creamy and long lasting I must say I have been very impressed with them, I have the colours Show Off which is a beautiful vibrant pink and the other shade is called
Ohh La La which is a stunning peachy coral tone.
As you probably guessed I adore the simple sketched packaging, Topshop did good with the designing of these!

I have been using them both the same amount, at first glance I did favour Ohh La La however Show Off is being loved just as much!

♥ Nude lips ♥

♥ Show Off ♥

♥ Ohh La La ♥

You can see how smooth and creamy the lipsticks are just by the swatches, the colours are vibrant and really make a statement on the lips. I normally wear eyeshadow everyday or at least eyeliner but have been finding that wearing a vibrant lip means you can get away with just mascara.

Have you tried Topshop lipsticks? If so which shades? If you haven't then I can't recommend these enough! Plus they are very purse friendly only costing £8. I have had a look on their site and like the look of On the Town & Nevada.


  1. Those are some pretty shades! and the packaging is nice, I didn't know that Topshop makes awesome makeup. :)

  2. I like nude lips and Ohh la la nice shades x

  3. Topshop doesnt do make up over here and it'd probably be twice the price if they did, but it's a shame cuz these lippys look gorgeous.

    Both of them really suit you! xx

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  4. you probably get this a lot but you look a bit like katy perry.

  5. I've been really wanting to try their makeup.. They had at here for a while but for some reason they just stopped selling it! I kicked myself for not getting their blushes and lippies earlier.. Oh la la looks lovely!

  6. Love the look of ooh la la :)! check out my giveaway here:


  7. ooo gorgeous!!

    love ohh la la

  8. I think I need Ohh La La in my life! They both really suit you xxx

  9. gorgeous lips!!!

  10. Ooh La La looks nice, going to check these out next time I am in TopShop x

  11. i got brighton rock the other day and its a lovely bright pink and lasts agesss! x

  12. Thanks for your comments ladies, this lipstick have great staying power! I cant wait to try some more x


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