Wednesday 8 June 2011

My favourite Mac MSFs

I love facial highlighters whether it be powder, cream or liquid.
I seem to work with powder better purely because I can get the look I'm after, however I've recently taken a liking to Macs Strobe cream.

Here are some pics showing you my favs :)

♥ My muched Loved MSFs ♥

If you follow me on Twitter then you already probably know how much I wanted to get my hands on Stereo Rose, one of the most talked and lusted over mac MSFs. Well as you can see luckily through days of tweets and me going on and on I eventually got a tweet from a fellow Beauty Blogger which sold me hers ♥ I was made up of course and have loved using it. However whilst I was on the quest of trying to track down the ever popular SR I also entered a competition to create a very subtle Spring look and the 1st prize was a Brand New Boxed Stereo Rose!!! You can probably guess what happened next....?? Yep you're right I won it!! So I have a back up and am so glad because I love wearing SR.

♥ Stereo Rose ♥

Petticoat is another Limited Edition MSF and of course this appealed to me so I had to try and hunt this down for a reasonable cost and luckily for me the waiting paid off and let me say this is one stunning MSF. You have to be careful because the colour is very pigmented and you need a small amount.

♥ Petticoat ♥

The next MSF was a complete surprise and I rememeber watching a YouTube video which featured the stunning Shimpagne MSF. Once I saw swatches of this I knew I had to have this in my life, well let me start by saying this was even more difficult to source than Stereo Rose!!
After tweeting and putting a few feelers out there I was pleasantly surprised to learn a Blog Sale was taking place and there would be Shimpagne up for grabs, this had only been swatched once for review purposes and never used so it was basically new! I have been trying to find a dupe for this and after cathing up with the lovely Nicolettas blog I saw her post about W7 Highlighter and thought it looked like Shimpagne! I popped right out to Savers and picked up a box and have to say the likeness is uncanny. Watch this space for a post on them both!

♥ Shimpagne ♥

Lastly is Pink Power which was from the Wonder Woman collection and oh boy this is a big mamma!! This has to be one of the most versatile MSFs you have a bronze/contour a blush and a highlighter all in one! I use all 3 sections individually but also swirled together gives a beautiful sun kissed highter with a glow.

♥ Pink Power ♥

My next quest is to track down Macs Smooth Merge MSF so if anyone knows of anyone selling it on a blog sale please let me know!

Is anyone getting any of the Mac MSFs when the Semi-Precious collection is released???

I would love for you to tell me your top 3 Mac MSFs?


  1. These all look absolutely gorgeous, you must do some pics wearing them ;)

    thanks for following me on twitter :) xxx

  2. I will do hun thanks for your comment, I am an MSF addict! x


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