Thursday 16 June 2011

MAVALA Nail Care

A little while ago I was very fortunate to win this fabulous MAVALA Limited Edition Set on Twitter.

Mavala is a brand that I've heard of before but have never tried their products so this was exciting! I've been using the hand cream daily which is now in my handbag, the smell is lovely and the texture is nice not greasy or too creamy. I hate it when you use a hand cream which is so creamy it takes forever to rub in. Plus the lit

The other products which I've tried is the Protective Base, Colorfix and Cuticle Remover. I must be honest and say I never really used a base in the past but since my nails have got worse this is now a must for me, plus I noticed on my baby finger my nail has slight staining. I love the packaging of Mavala Nail polishes the bottles are so cute!

I have been using the cuticle remover on my toes actually because my cuticles seem to be in worse condition, this has really helped them and my cuticles aren't dry or rough anymore like before. I think this will be a treatment which I will have to carry out maybe once a month, but being a busy mummy on my feet all day long does take its toll on my poor swollen feet. So a think a nice home pedicure once a month is much deserved!

Colorfix has really impressed me and think this could be a stand in for when my Seche Vite finishes.

Has anyone tried any of these or any of their other treatments? I couldn't believe the amount of treatments they have available I think they have covered everything! So if you have any nail problems I would certainly pop over to their site and check out the treatments.

I would love to try some of their coloured polishes, I love the little cute bottles. Who has tried the coloured polishes? What do you think of them? I am loving the look of their NEW Pop Art Color's Collection check them out as well as their other collections.

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  1. Mavala is the only swiss nail polish/nail care brand I can think of (GO SWITZERLAND ! lol). They have some really great products. The polishes are nice you should try them.


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