Thursday 2 June 2011

Lush Summer

Summer should be fast upon us so its time we got out those legs and spruced them up! Sadly I was not blessed with a gorgeous tanned skin so my legs do need a little care and I must admit I am not always in the mood for self tan. I went to a family BBQ a little while ago and wanted to wear my new skirt but my poor legs where so white! Then I remembered I had Charlotte Island ♥

Lush recommend you prep your skin first with Sugar Babe body scrub, this is great for those bumpy bits on the backs of your arms. I have been using this all over apart from my face. I love scent which would come as no surprise to you because it's coconut oil which is so moisturising. I would suggest you have a little pot which you can store this in and then crumble a small amount off each time you wish to use it. Another tip which the Lush assistant told me last Christmas was, for a more gentle scrub squeeze a small amount of your shower gel (mine so happens to be It's A Raining Men) into the palm of your hand. Then crumble the sugar scrub on top and you have the best of both worlds ♥

♥ £2.65 / 100g ♥

Vanilla-Dee Lite is a lovely pleasant Hand & Body lotion which is perfect for prepping your skin after a shower/bath. I have dry skin so it's in my best interest to apply body lotion after a shower/bath else you could say my legs almost shed a layer of skin. I like how you can use this for the hands also so this would be a great product to travel with. Sometimes Vanilla scented products can be a little too sickly for me but Vanilla-Dee Lite is very subtle and has the added ingredients of these beautiful oils and butters Hawaiian Tamanu and Monoi.

♥ £11.25/250g ♥

The next product is my favourite and I can see me getting through this by the end of the summer! I use this most days on my arms and if I'm showing off my legs then I rely on Charlotte Island to help me out. Made with organic Lemon infusion, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter & organic Aloe Vera Gel.

♥ £5.25 /100g ♥

This gives such a natural tint to the skin which looks great and is super easy to use, just apply it like body lotion!

*Click to enlarge *

I'm sure you can tell which hand has the Body Tint on and which doesn't? This is a great everyday product which can literally give you a nice hint of colour without looking like you have self-tan on. I would REALLY recommend this product, next time your at your local Lush store pop in and see for yourself.

Have you been flashing your lovely pins out lately? What are your summer tips for great looking skin?


  1. I have been dreaming about Lush recently. I never went in when I lived in the UK but now I'm in Malta and we dont have one, I wish sooo much I could get some of their lovely treats!

    The bronzer looks lovely, a real natural bit of colour, not orange or OTT. gorgeous!

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  2. This looks really great, ive been tempted to try the tint before it looks a lovely colour on you xx

  3. i may try this i have the sugar scrub and charlotte island already :)

  4. The Body Tint looks interesting!

  5. Hello Ladies thanks for you comments :)

    The body tint is amazing!!! :) xx


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