Sunday 22 May 2011

Nars Highlighting Blush

The NARS Summer Collection caught my eye and one product in particular sent my heart all a flutter, you know the feeling you get when you see something which makes you feel excited inside ♥ Well that was in fact NARS Highlighting Blush in New Order!


'A soft pink, with gold/silver shimmer'

When I first opened up the Highlighting compact I was happily surprised how similar the texture is compared to Macs MSF. I'm an avid fan of MSFs so this has been welcomed with open arms into my collection. I love Highlighters and always use them over the top of my blush to help finish off the look. Highlighters can totally transform a look not only just for the cheeks but you can add a little highlight on other ares of the face and body. I must admit though after swatching this I would say it's more on the sparkly side so I've been using this solely as a highlight rather than a blush. This is Limited Edition though peeps so if this catches your eye I would snap one up quick to avoid disappointment.

♥ Click to enlarge ♥

I would really recommend you check this little beauty out before it's to late when you spend over £25 on the NARS online store you receive complimentary P&P which is a bonus ♥

I just wanted to share some other types of highlighters which have also caught my eye and they are the NARS Liquid Illuminators. There are 4 shades which all look stunning, however the shades which really caught my eyes where Orgasm and Super Orgasm which is a new shade. These sound like fab products and would be a staple in any ones kit, you can use these mixed in with primer, foundation or use as a facial highlighter.
The next highlighting product is the NARS Multiple which is in stick form and again can be used in so many ways. There are 12 shades to pick from and believe me it would be very hard to pick as they all sound so nice! I like the look and sound of Lamu which is a 'Glazed Apricot with Gold Sparkle!' Now come on doesn't that sound divine! See I told you I get VERY excited when it comes to highlighters! The other shade which is limited edition and actually part of the Portrait Of Paradise Collection is in fact the ever popular shade Laguna but for a limited time only you can now love this shade in the form of a Multiple!

Have you tried any of the NARS highlighters? Which ones are your favourite? Please share your thoughts ♥


  1. I've just allowed Nars into my life and now I'm obsessed! I went to Space NK especially to buy a lipstick from their summer collection yesterday, and spotted so many gorgeous eyeshadows that I really had to restrain myself! This highlighter looks fab - I must've overlooked it yesterday! x

  2. Thanks for your comment hun :)

    This is such a pretty highlight, Nars makeup really excites me. They have such a vast selection of shades and I love the fact their products come in all different textures! Enjoy your lippie :) x

  3. I've never tried a Nars product but the shade of the highlighter is so pretty, tempting :) xx

  4. I think you're the first person I know to have given New Order a positive review. I picked up Dogon from their summer collection, and recently fell in love with the Laguna bronzer so I may cave and get the Laguna multiple too.

  5. My faves are Nars Albatross and Copacabana multiple :)

  6. I got the orgasm in the glossybox and really love it. Im a big highlighter fan too but once you have a few i think they become a bit samey if you know what i mean xx

  7. Thanks for your comments ladies :)

    @Abby- Nars is a real treat for me, I love the quality of the products. My first product I tried was Nepal Eyeshadow and it's still a fav of mine :) x

    @Sugarbumpkin- I've read a couple positive comments about the product but can see why people wouldn't be happy with it as it can be quite glittery on the cheeks. I first saw it being used on Tanya Burr and loved the effect it gave on your cheek bones. I have my eye on Laguna Mutiple also, it looks such a pretty shade which would work with most looks :) x

    @Bec- I saw swatches of them and I agree they look lovely :) x

    @Nicoletta- I so missed the boat on the Glossy box Hun :( but hoping to sign up for next months one. Yes I know what you mean bout them looking the same. I have a few different shades of highlighters and really like the look of the W7 Africa after seeing it on your blog Hun. My friend picked up an highlighting duo from Primark for 50p in sale and it's stunning!! :) x


♥ Thanks for your messages they bring a smile to my face Thank you ♥