Thursday 26 May 2011

I've got a lovely bunch of Coconuts...

Did that grab your attention? Well don't panic there's no nudity photos!
Coconut is a favourite scent of mine and always conjures up childhood memories, I had long hair as a child and my mum use to wash my hair and then always comb through Coconut conditioner. So Coconut is a scent close to my heart. Dirty Works have two new products which are perfect for the Summer months ahead.

Coconut Caress Body Butter comes in a very generous 300ml tub which is fab because these tubs can be re-used once all the product has gone. Which to be fair wont take me long as I LOVE coconut ♥ The packaging is very quint and girly as usual which I like. I tend to use this after a bath/shower giving my skin a much deserved treat, my dry skin drinks the body butter up and then leaves a very soft subtle aroma of coconut on the skin. Or if I'm getting ready to go out I apply this all over the body and then I use the very glamorous Get Glowing Shimmer Puff!

♥ £4.99 (300ml) ♥

Get Glowing Shimmer Puff is very feminine as you can probably tell by the packaging and the image of the elegant lady on the front of the box. The shimmer puff is so cute and instantly reminded me of when Benefit use to have a range of boxed shimmer puffs, lucky for us though this shimmer puff does not carry a very expensive price tag which is a super bonus!
This is best used over the top of the Body Butter for 2 reasons, firstly and mainly the shimmer will last longer on the skin as the layer of Body Butter almost acts as a bond. Secondly using the shimmer puff seals the layer of coconut letting the fragrance last longer. On the back of the box it actually says you can also use this for cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin for a golden shimmery glow. I'm not 100% sure I would use it on all of those areas but I would use it on the cheekbones and maybe very soflty down the centre of the nose. You would have to be careful though as you wouldn't want a shimmer face! lol
I think the best places are the legs, down the shin is very pretty! On the arms and chest area and on the back if you have straps.

♥ £5.99 (10g)♥

You can pick up these from leading Sainsbury's nationwide, if Dirty Works is new to you then please check out my Skincare post on their Fab Facial Wipes & Eye Concealer which is amazing for dark circles. You can find the post here.


  1. bah, no nudity lol :)
    maybe next time haha xx
    i still need to get over the 50s packaging and the actual language on it to go and buy a soap and glory product. see, if this had the actual photo of a coconut, would have probably gone for it lol xx i know i am weird,

  2. Hi Liloo thanks for your comment, I think i would scare all my followers away with Nude pics of me ha ha! I've had 2 children! No amount of Nip&Fab would ever fix that.
    Soap & Glory is lovely and I have box full of products which I always stock up on at xmas time :) xx


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