Wednesday 4 May 2011

Babyliss Curling Wand

I have been wanting one of these for such a long time now and remember before Christmas trying to track this down but everywhere was sold out of it! Always a good sign don't you think?
So lucky for me my mum bought it for herself and didn't realise I had been lusting after it, so I was very happy when she said she bought a curling iron and wanted me to have a go with her hair!

She has lent it to me so I can have a play and see what I think and I wanted to share my thoughts with my lovely readers. The curling wand heats quickly and hot enough which is great, you want your curls to last and look good. I have coloured hair so I went for the medium setting 170'c as I thought better to try less heat on your hair and then always turn it up rather than use the hottest setting first! I did of course prep my hair first using Heat Defense Styling Spray by TRESemme. Once you plug the curling wand in you simply press the on/off button on the handle and then you see a +/- button above which basically allows you to decide what heat you want the curling wand to reach. You have four settings ranging from 155'c- 200'c which is mega hot!

The wand is shaped perfectly for a spiraling curl, I wanted chunky loose curls so I used the widest part of the wand first.I wanted my curls to hang loosely so I started the curl from the level of my eyes. I must admit I did burn my finger so PLEASE be sensible and use the glove! I had to laugh because my son saw the glove and thought it was from his Mr Incredible costume!
Another good point about the curling wand is in fact the lead, the length is very generous which is important to me.

I was very impressed how easy and quickly you see results, my hair style totally changed and it made me feel different having my hair curled not sure what it's about but I just felt like I had something new and different done which I enjoyed! Once I had finished using the curling wand I let the curls cool down and then very softly and gently ran my fingertips through the curls to break them up and create extra volume. I finished with some of my favourite hair styling products from the Scandalous range.



What do you think my lovelies? I love this natural loose curl and could see me creating this most days, if only I didn't have to share it with my mum lol!

Has anyone tried the Babylis Waving Wand or the Babylis Wave Envy Hair styler? These are now on my ♥ Lust List ♥. Both of these styling tools look exciting, I just love experimenting and seeing all the different looks you can create using new tools.

If anyone would like me to do a video showing you how I created this look please comment below ♥


  1. Your hair looks fab, the curls are really nice and soft and natural looking, might have to try and track one of these down!

  2. Your hair looks amazing, I am always on the lookout for a good curler, so will be looking into this :) xx

  3. would love to see a video hun. This has been on my wish list for a while. your hair looks gorgeous xx

  4. Oh wow that is beautiful! You look great! I may have to invest in one of these :)

  5. I have this and love it, the best curling tong I've tried and such a reasonable price too. x

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous curly, i have a new curling tool too called the glamouriser and its amazing, ive been using it nearly everyday. Curls are fab xx

  7. I have this and I love it! I will admit that it takes a while to get the curls just right - just the same as any other product - if you don't curl your hair often but I think this is just in general and not with the product as practice makes perfect! It does work really well and creates really nice curls xx

  8. This is lovely and looks perfectly summery and casually glamourous!. I have a Mark Hill wand but the barrell is a bit bigger than i would like, i hvae to hold it in for quite a while to make sure it has done the job - will prob get a thinner one at some point for some variety!

    This look really suits you :) xx

  9. this looks so natural and pretty! xx

  10. Luv this look! I really need to try this now, I am a new follower, great blog! steph's recommendation :)

  11. I need to get my hands on this curling wand. Ive seen a few tutorials on youtube using this. Your hair look gorgeous and of course, you always look so pretty.

  12. Love it! I have the waving wand and really like using that. Took a little practice to get the hang of it, but find it really easy now! x


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