Friday 22 April 2011

Storage & how it's displayed

A little while ago I was reading the lovely Fee's blog Makeup Savvy and she did such a great post on storage displays and how we store & display our products. This got me thinking lots about how I display my items and how I would like to display them.

I have been displaying my perfumes in a hat box lid which was from the S&G Big Thrill gift a couple years ago. My perfumes just about fit, I will be doing a seperate post on my collection so heads up!

Heres how I store my current nail polishes, this cute little ceramic trinket tray was given to me by my grandad. It use to be my Great-Grandmothers which is very special to think she once used this and now I have it to cherish, I have 2 of them.

I store my samples and products which I'm trying to use up in this vintage design mini pot which my mum gave me and this also use to belong to my Great-Grandparents I love the design on the front. It's nice to use these and put special things in them to show off, I simply have these on my side where I store my makeup and skincare.

How do you display and store your items?


  1. I store my nail polishes in a box from the pound shops so nothing as lovely as yours and my make up in the WH Smith drawers both of which I have posted about on my blog. I wish I had your perfume collection :-) xx

  2. Aw it all looks so lovely. I store my perfumes in a little chest box which i got from tk max but i am over run with samples at the moment. I need to find somewhere to store them. Lovely post xx

  3. Lol that's how I store my perfumes too! Strange! xx

  4. I love your perfume collection! I use plastic boxes from the chinese and boxes from ikea... no where near as interesting and pretty as yours! xx

  5. Such a lovely post!!
    I love Vintage house ware stuff!!
    Even more so as storage for beauty stuff!!

    I have a few different ways I store my things.
    I have a "Anna Sui" Vanity Tray.
    Which holds my current Fragrances as well as Skincare and Body Care products.
    I also have a little Sushi Plate that we got at the Japanese Tea Garden in SF a few years back,
    Which I change what I'm displaying in every once in awhile.
    And my Nail polishes are in a Betsey Johnson Perfume Box.


  6. I display my perfumes in Marc Jacob's Daisy box, but I keep my nail polishes in the fridge x

  7. I am so going to to a post like this!! x


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