Tuesday 26 April 2011

Pastel Partners...

As you know I have been embracing Pastel Shades on the nails so I wanted to share with you another love! Fuzzy Peach by Models Own, this is a stunning creamy peach shade which looks lovely with a sun kissed tan! I must admit Nails Inc use to be my favourite Nail Polish brand but Models Own have changed this and become a favourite of mine. The polishes are affordable, the sahdes and finishes are amazing and the polish is great quality and has staying power!

I would love to know your Top 3 Models Own shades, I'm lusting over Grace Green, Coral Reef, Peach Sherbet & Utopia

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Here is my current Pastel Line up...


♥ Collection 2000 Mint Mojo
♥ Eyeko Vintage Polish
♥ Models Own Lemon Meringue
♥ Models Own Fuzzy Peach
♥ Models Own Lilac Dream
♥ Barry M LE
♥ Jessica Nails Sweet Tooth
♥ Nails Inc Warwick Avenue

I love these all and have been enjoying them lots I will share more pics of the other shades soon I a Pastel swatch collection post! So stay tunned ♥

Do you have any of these pastel shades? Are there any shades you would reccomend I try next?


  1. Looooooove that color!! I don't have any models own yet...Ièm in Canada so can only get them off ASOS & they donèt have their newest collections!

  2. I love that colour :) my favourite model's own is champagne, for some reason it kinda self levels it out and is a joy to apply, i could do it with my eyes closed! On my list are coral reef, bloo boo and utopia! :) xx

  3. this is a really nice colour, ur right that pastels go so well with a tan... bring on summer!!

  4. I tried Fuzzy peach and it was really streaky! I dont know if that was just mine or all?
    and I ordered Lemon Meirang (however you spell it)
    after not really liking my barryM lemon I/C so lets see how that does, and I think I ordered Lilac dreams aswell Lol! :)
    Love your collection x


♥ Thanks for your messages they bring a smile to my face Thank you ♥