Saturday 9 April 2011

Loving Mint Pastels..

Hello sweetiepies, I am embracing the sunshine and have been loving creamy pastel shades on the nails just like yummy ice-creams!

I painted my nails a stunning jade pastel colour from Eyeko. The lovely Vintage polish is a vibrant jade colour which is like a breathe of fresh air on my finger tips!

I love the cute bottle these polishes come in from Eyeko, I'm thinking of buying some more of the pastel shades they have a great selection of colours and I like the names they all have!

Don't forget if you spend £15 and pop in my Ambassador code E10760 you receive a FREE GIFT, I just popped on their site and they have this offer on at the mo which is good.

Earlier in the week I also painted my nails a true mint shade from Collection 2000 which a friend bought me for my birthday but this is the first time trying it. I love the name Mint Mojo so appropriate don't you think?

Here's the polishes together so you can compare them...

Which pastel polishes do you have? Have you been wearing pastels or Brights on your nails?

Happy Spring


  1. eyeko's vintage polish is one of my favourites & I've been reaching for it alot recently :)
    patel shades are definately a favourite for spring & summer!! x

  2. Gorgeous! I am LOVING pastels for spring! especially that mint green, oh and lilac! <3 xxxx

  3. gorgeous! really bubblegum green which I love!

  4. Love the mint colors, they really make me crave mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  5. I was thinking of a colour to paint my nails.Vintage it is :D
    It looks gorgeous!

  6. Love these pastel colours for spring - I think I prefer the Collection 2000 one actually x

  7. At the moment i seem to wearing mainly darks

  8. I'm so addicted to mint nail polish right now lol Love it!!

  9. I love both colours they are so springlike x

  10. Thanks for all your comments ladies, it really does bring a smile to my face :) thank you! xx

  11. I love pastels and both of those polishes are gorgeous.


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