Sunday 17 April 2011

Bliss Slimulator...Bye bye to Cellulite Yes please!

What is Cellulite? Well cellulite is a change in the skin texture, dimpling is probably the easiest way to explain. I have cellulite on my thighs that I know of and hopefully no where else! Cellulite is more common in females, yes ladies as if we don't get it hard enough in life we are prone to cellulite!

Well look no further than your very own cellulite massager called the Bliss Slimulator. It's ok you don't need to look away I'm not going to try and take a picture of my cellulite, I'm sure you get the picture ha ha!
I think the name is spot on and very fitting, the packagaing to fresh and very clear which I like about a product. I'm sure the name fatgirlslimulator would catch your eye on a shelf, I know it would mine.

♥ £15.40 ♥

Bliss say-
Slimulator ''s rubber nubs massage and wake up surface circulation, one of the most effective cellulite treatments. Massage away cellulite and smooth the surface of the skin with this hand-held, nubby massager. Simply soap up, slide on the Slimulator, and glide over thighs, buttox, back of arms, and tummy in a circular motion. Repeat daily or twice a day for best results.

I love this so much and really feel like this is working on my thighs, the size and shape is perfect for my hands. I do have quite big hands so not sure if you had dainty little hands you may struggle with this a little. I hold the Slimulator as shown below but maybe you could hold the handle if your hands are smaller?
Or you could try the Bliss Serious Seaweed Cellulite Soap.
For application Bliss advise you soap up your chosen area first and then rinse away and use your slimulator in an inward and upward motion. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first but I really felt this was treating my body and trying to beat away the cellulite. Afterwards you should use a cellulite treatment cream if you have one or just applying moisturiser is good enough.

Bliss have a range of treatments which would work great with this tool, I particulary like The Love Handler. How cool is that? Since having my 2nd child my body needs all the help it can get and I have some Love Handles which need some attending to!

So have you tried Bliss Slimulator? I recommend you give this a go, it's a product which is a tool at the end of the day so it's going to last.


  1. I really like the look of this. Anything that helps rid the cellulite is worth trying at this time of year xx

  2. oh wooow.. that looks like it would work.. I need me some of that right nooow =P

    Thanks for the review =D

  3. I would like to know whether it work or not ^^

    Have you tried any corset?


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