Wednesday 20 April 2011

Beauty Fixation By Japonesque

Japonesque is a leading brand for professional makeup artists and have now given us the chance to be part of their success. Japonesque have recently launched a NEW Beauty collection called Beauty Fixation, this collection will fix any beauty related mistakes giving you a quick-fix!
For me Beauty Fixation is like a Beauty First Aid Box, every girl needs these important quick-fixes which will help fix mistakes but also will revive tired eye makeup ready for a fresh application.
I particulary like the sound of the Eye Makeup remover swabs, I don't know about you but I'm forever getting a tiny bit of mascara on my top lid and these would be a life saver to carry round with me!

£4.95 24 applicators

The collection consists of 5 different quick-fixes, each pack contains 24 ready to use swabs.

Tinted Lip Conditioner
Deeply moisturises and protects dry lips whilst giving a natural tint.

Lipstick Touch-up
Quickly removes or corrects all types of lipsticks and lip gloss whilst moisturising the lips surface.

Makeup Remover/ Touch-up
Perfect for precise touch-ups at home or on the go.

Nail Polish Touch-Up
A non-acetone nail polish corrector perfect for precise corrections.

Cuticle Conditioner
This conditioner will instantly soften those dry cuticles with Aloe Vera leaving them smooth and soft.

So there you have it ladies your very own ♥ BEAUTY FIRST AID KIT ♥ I think these are great and can honestly say I would use them all these would be great to carry around with you in your bag or on holiday or if you're a makeup artist these would be fab for your kit!

Beauty Fixation is available in Boots nationwide and each pack is RRP £4.95.


  1. That is such a good idea!! I know MAC do make up remover swaps too, but these seem so affordable!! xx

  2. That is a brilliant idea and cheap too!


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