Friday 4 March 2011


O.P.I have now jumped on the band wagon have brought out 12 stunning Nail 'Apps' a.k.a Wraps to me and you.
When I first read about this I wasn't as excited as I normally get over new products however when I saw the visuals I was pleasantly surprised at the designs they are very different from any wraps I have seen before. My eyes were instantly drawn to the 'Steps' design and reminds me of the very famous Missoni print which I adore!


O.P.I have really done their work here and have designed these 'Apps' with no need for heating tools! You simply select the size for your nail and trim the width if need be then rub the strip to warm it for a few seconds and then smooth down. To finish fold the edge over your nail and then use the nail file which comes in the packs and file away the excess. The file in the pack is a great added touch!

The only thing is these 'Apps' are not friendly on your purse retailing at £13.80 but I think these will sell well because of how easy these are to apply no heating tools needed! I would pay more for easier application. Would you? Which designs caught your eyes?

These are available from Lena white online

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