Saturday 5 March 2011

Latest Lush Loves

As you all know I am a Lush fanatic and wanted to share with you my latest loves! Also just incase you don't already know but Lush now have their online shop back up and running.

♥ I Love Juicy £3.99 ♥
♥ American Cream £4.45 ♥
♥ Orange Blossom Solid Perfume £5.50♥
♥ Miranda Soap £3.10 (100g) ♥

Spring is offically here so it's nice to get fruity and fresh! I have heard lot's about American Cream and so was very excited to try it out! Lush have a variety of liquid and solid hair products. I have the 100g bottles which are great for traveling and these bottles can be re-used so don't throw them away either use them for yourself again or save them up and take them back to your local store.

I Love Juicy smells so fruity and fresh which is so nice on the hair, the fruity scent isn't too over powering to the point it smells too much if that makes sense? Some other brands of Fruity shampoo are too much I find. I Love Juicy is a fruity concoction of Papaya, kiwi, mango, Pineapple and citrus oils. I just love smelling this, and the scent which is left in your hair is LUSH! My hair feels so light and clean after using this, I am terrible for always touching my hair so it can get greasy quickly and Lush say I Love Juicy is great for greasy or limp hair!
American Cream is a lighter scent but when used in the hair the aroma is so charming and seriously good enough to eat. Very creamy and easy to use on the hair, the cocktail of scents are vanilla, strawberries, honey and oranges. This is become a firm favourite of mine and think this is a nice little treat every once and a while. The only thing is these are a little pricey but worth every penny, I'm just thinking of the goodness and how my hair feels after using this.

Miranda Soap not only looks fresh and fruity it smells fresh and fruity, made with fresh kiwi fruits which is packed with Vit C. I'm sure we would all like a nice helping of that, I know I do. Bergamot oil smells similar to Oranges and is good for skin conditions whilst Ylang Ylang tones the skin and Juniper Berry oil helps brighten up congested skin which sounds detoxifying.
What is so refreshing with this soap is how it makes you feel, now Spring is here and before you know it we will be embracing the summer it's nice to be putting goodness into our skin and then we will feel good about ourslves. Through winter we tend to indulge a little both in food and the odd beverage so I find the Spring is a nice time to start as you mean to go on. I hope this makes sense and Im not rambling on... Please someone tell me ha ha!

Orange Blossom has so many smells from the first scent to the moment this solid perfume conects with your skin. Orange is the main forefront scent and then I can detect a woody scent and as the scent settles down the perfume settles into a lovely honey orange aroma. As with all perfumes they all smell different on everyone, the oils in our skins are all different. Lush desrcibe this much better than I ever could so for that here you are-

Our fresh orange blossom and neroli perfume that smells like a distilled Mediterranean moment. Orange blossom fragrances are notoriously difficult, but this one captures the smell of the flowers in bloom perfectly, with honeyed and woody notes as it settles down.

Lush have a range of other solid perfumes which are all reasonable priced, these are lighter in your bag and easy to use. You unscrew the lid and then push the solid perfume up from the base. Just be careful not to push too much as you will need to use your fingers to push the perfume back again!

Thanks for stopping by, Have you tried any of these products? Do they make you feel fresh and ready for the spring/summer seasons?

These are samples sent to me by PR which in no way affects my opinion, this is an honest review based on my own personal thoughts.


  1. i adore lush stuff , love the sound of the orange blossom i have a lipbalm in a orange scent and love it

    Great Post Thanks xox

  2. i love lush too,the i love juicy smells great but aparently no good for my curly hair,i am interested in the american cream though so im going to check that out when im next in there :)

  3. I should try American Cream, it looks yummy! x

  4. I have been wanting to try American Cream, i should pick up a little bottle.

  5. Love lush, but it makes hubby gag! Lmao!

    X x

  6. Love that you love LUSH products as much as I do. Must say though, their bath bombs definitely strike a chord with me.

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