Saturday 26 March 2011

Latest buys.. E.l.f Haul

A while back e.l.f had free delivery so I jumped at the chance to finally try some products which I've wanted for a while but are always out of stock when I want to buy them. Luckily they were in stock and this is what I bought. I picked up the Stipple Brush after asking you lovelies which other brushes you would recommend.

♥ Blush & Bronzer Compact ♥
♥ Candid Coral & Berry Merry ♥
♥ Runway Pink Lipstick ♥
♥ Stipple Brush ♥

I must admit I'm very happy with all of them except the stipple brush, the image photo on the E.l.f site looks different from the actual brush I got. I've put the link in so you can see for yourselves, maybe it's just me being picky? The brush head on my one is flared out and not tapered and rounded like the one on the site, does anyone else have the Studio stipple brush?

The two blushes I bought are from the studio range, love the compact mirror inside so handy!
I decided on Berry Merry after seeing on Temptalias blog this is a dupe for Nars Sin, I first saw swatches of Nars Sin over on the lovely Stines blog Chic Beauty . After popping back over and looking at them both I think it looks nothing like Sin. Oh well worth a try hey?

Berry merry is still a lovely blush which is mauvey in tone with very fine gold shimmer running through it and I'm still happy to welcome this blush in my collection and for £3.50 who am I to complain?
Candid Coral is truly stunning a beautiful coral with gold shimmering which is not to heavy on the face giving a very natural glow, this has been a firm fav of mine recently LOVE IT! I really want to get more of these blushes if anyone can recommend other shades please let me know.

I've wanted to try the Mineral Lipsticks for some time now and decided on Runway Pink after reading and seeing swatches of this on various blogs.

The packaging isn't anything glamorous but I'm willing to look beyond that if the product is amazing, the colour is perfect for me but sadly I'm not to keen on the texture and how it feels on the lips. It just feels cheap, maybe because I've been wearing more expensive lipsticks lately that after using this on the lips it just desn't feel as nice. However I think I have to remember the price differences, this is only £3.50 so for that price I think I will give it some more loving and see what I think. I love the shade and I wore it today actually and it looked so pretty I will have to do a FOTD. There are heaps of shades, does anyone have these? Which shades do you have?

This has to be the one product which I have wanted to try for a year or so now but haven't ever got round to ordering it or if I have it's been out of stock! This has been compared to the Laguna/Orgasm Bronzing Blush Duo and sadly whilst I don't have the Nars version here I can happily say I'm happy with the shade and finish of the compact. The bronze is a little dark for me at the mo but if I blend gently enough or use this with self tan then it's fine. The blush is gorgeous and for £3.50 I can see me picking up another just for a back up!

Which E.l.f products are your favs? Thanks for reading ♥


  1. Really like that blush and bronzer duo!

  2. I love the brush and bronzer duo too (although only use the blush). I wish they'd make a matte version of it. Gotta love ELF! x

  3. Doesn't look TOO dis-similar to Nars Sin, but then again for such cheapness, I guess you can let it go, if it's only vaguely similar.

    This reminds me I have not ordered any ELF stuff for absolute months!

  4. I have the candid coral blush and i love it. I also have the tickled pink and Fuchsia Fusion blushes and they are fabulous too.
    I want to try the blush and bronzer duo. I have party pink and nicely nude lipsticks and i love them. I want to get runway pink now!


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