Monday 7 March 2011

He-Shi Tanning

I feel so much better about myself when I have a little tan on my face, I look healthier my makeup seems to look better and it just gives me a little boost of confidence. I don't often use self-tan, the initial thought is their but when I think about all the hassle applying it I pass. Which is a shame really as I'm always happy with the results. However since being introduced to the glamorous He-Shi I have been enjoying the results of a healthy glow!

He-Shi have a range of quick and easy self-tanners which are suitable for both women and men hence the brand name! The products are spilt into 3 simple steps such as as preping the skin, applying self-tan and then the final step moisturising.

Exfoliating Bodywash is the first step and as like the majority of exfoliators you use this the same as any. One good factor which makes this particular scrub stand out from the others is the fact you can use this for both face and body which is quick and simple. The body scrub is packed with active ingredients such as fruity AHAs and scrub particles buffing away any dead skin cells whilst micro-dermabrasion crystals smooth and prepare the skin ready for tanning. This scrub is a little on the pricey side compared to other body scrubs but when you think this can be used on the face and body, 2 products in one. £12.00 150ml

He-Shi Tanning Mitt is an essential for any self-tan application! Believe me I've been there got the orange stained hands, so come on hands up who else is guilty of this? These mitts are great to have for self-tanning and can be used over and over again, I would suggest it's good to have a couple incase you have one in the wash. You can hand wash them or chuck them in your machine on a 40'c. The mitt is very similar to a mitt I have from Primark, it's made from the same material and only cost £2 rather than £4.50. Either way these are a must for self-tan applications and highly recommend them.

One Day Tan is an instant self-tan which has a wash off tinted gel formula. This is great for those last minute occassions where you need an instant natural glow. You have to be very quick when applying this as the colour is instant asoon as it comes in contact with your skin. This is so easy to use and if you do have any areas which look patchy you simply apply a little more gel and glide over the skin in circular motions. I have used this all over my body including face, little word of warning though your not meant to come in contact with with water as this is a wash off tan. I applied this before going bed and then totally forgot and applied my skin serum the following morning and then took all the tan off my face! So just be cautious. This is a buildable tan I just used one application below but have used 2 applications to increase the colour. £14.50 for 150ml this is well worth the money and is great to have on stand by.

Express Liquid Tan is my favourite so far and the one which I have used most, the colour is perfect for me and lasts for around 3 days on my skin. With each day fading slightly until I'm back to my normal skin tone. I have started to get into a routine where I top up the colour on the 3rd day so I have a constant bronzed glow. What makes this tan so special is the way it wears off on your skin. As with all self-tans I've used in the past as the tan wears off I'm always left with patchiness where the tan has worn off more than other areas and this looks horrible. He-Shi tanning products don't do this and the tan seems to wear off gradually without even noticing any patchiness. £21.00 (150ml)

Fusion Multi-Bronze Powder is a charming mosaic of bronzing powders which give a lovely luminous sun kissed glow to face and body. I've been using this over the top of my tan to give a subtle glow aswell as a blush and contour for the face. The compact is a nice size and great to carry around in your bag. This also helps even out my skin tone as some ares on my face are a little dry so this helps even everything out. £15.50 10g

He-Shi Bronzing Brush for me was a disappointment which is a shame, the bristles are scratchy and not pleasant on the face. I did try using this on my arms and neck but couldn't bear the feeling. Has anyone used this brush? I would love to know your thoughts? Maybe my brush is a bad one? This brush retails at £6.99 I personally think there are cheaper if not the same priced brushes available which have softer bristles.

Thanks for stopping by :) have you tried any products from the He-Shi range? Has anyone tried the self-tanner for the face? I wouldn't mind trying that. If you want to try one product I recommend the Express Liquid!

These are samples sent to me by PR which in no way affects my opinion, this is an honest review based on my own personal thoughts.


  1. Another great review Sherrie,

    Nope i have never tried this brand at all. Looks nice tho and the bronze is gorgeous xox

    Steph xox

  2. Oooh I've seen these products on some blogs. The difference in the before and after shots is amazing!


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