Thursday 17 March 2011

Estee Lauder New Pure Color Nail Lacquer & Lipstick

Estee Lauder have released a new range of Nail lacquers and Pure Color lipsticks, the shade selection is great. I was kindly sent Mega Fuchsia & Sizzling Taupe nail lacquers to try, these shades are both pretty in their own ways.

Sizzling Taupe is a beautiful shade which I knew I would love, the finish is a pearl and very different from that of the bottle. Once on the nails the colour is warmer. The brush is nice and not too long, the polish formulation is nice just right not to thick and not to thin. The swatches below are with 2 applications. I did find the Sizzling Taupe was not as glossy at Mega Fuchsia which is my favourite of the pair. I adore the packaging, they remind me of glass ice cubes.

Sizzling Taupe
£14.00 9ml

Mega Fuchsia
Mega Fuchsia is truly stunning, just look at the creme finish. This shade went on like a dream and I currently have this shade on and most of my family and friends have comented on how pretty and vibrant this looks. It's such a shame it's limited edition, if this shade gets you excited then you need to get to your nearest Estee Lauder counter and snap it up! Seeings the polish coated well and was very creamy the drying time was fab, I didn't need to do my funky chicken dance for half has long ha ha! Hands up who else does this? How do you dry your nails?

Now onto the lips, I must admit Estee Lauder Lipsticks smell so good I love their distinctive scent and feel on the lips.

♥ Pink Ambition & Blazing Sun ♥

When I read the press release about the the New Pure Color Lipsticks I was really caught by Tom Pecheuxs quote and wanted to share this with you, I think it is so true!

'These lipsticks are so easy to fall in love with-It's about so much more than just looking pretty, it's about making a statement with your lips.'

From the first application I was impressed, the texture, the shade the scent I was won over.
At first glance they look similar but when they are next to each other you can see the difference in colour and finish, Pink Ambition is from the Long lasting range which has 27 shades and is a creme finish. Whilst Blazing Sun is from the Crystal range which has 18 new shades and is a shimmer finish.

♥ Pink Ambition ♥
Pink Ambition is from the Long lasting range which is meant to give you medium to full buildable coverage. I agree this lipstick is very vibrant and gives a beautiful multi-faceted effect on the lips.

♥ Blazing Sun ♥
A beautiful glossy coral shade perfect for the spring summer season, Blazing Sun is from the Crystal range and is meant to give you a medium buildable sheer finish which I also agree with.

Following on from Tom Pecheuxs quote I kept my makeup to a minium, nothing but mascara on the eyes and wanted the lips to tell the story. I took photos with and without flash so you can see them in different lights. In the first photo my lips are bare.

♥ Without Flash ♥

♥ With Flash ♥
These are such beautiful creamy lipsticks, have you tried any? Check out the shades, so many pretty colours and finishes to pick from.

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  1. Love the nail colours - they look great, have never tried them before.
    The lipstick colours are gorgeous too - I have a few in my collection!

  2. I want blazing sun.. Looks sooo nice for summer

  3. I love the estee lauder lippies they are so moisturising and i love the smell. I was swatching these yesterday xx


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