Saturday 19 February 2011

Nail Rock Designs

Nail wraps are becoming very popular with lots of designs to choose from there's something for everyones taste. Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps are my new favs ♥

♥ £6.65 ♥

My favourites are Giraffe Black on Gold the design is stunning! I love the ever popular leopard print but this is a really nice change.
My other favourites are the Pony Skins both of these nail wraps are so easy to use and grab heaps of attention, every where I go people have commented on them.

I wanted to try the Giraffe design first, I must admit they are super easy to use and very quick. I like the fact you don't need to wait for your nails to dry and you don't need to do the funky chicken dance!
I have been trying to grow my nails and sadly I still have short nails but it doesn't matter because any length nails look fab with these wraps on!
Here is a video demonstrating...

Check out their online site the styles are amazing, what design to you fancy?


  1. I have these in a black lace effect but haven't got round to trying them out yet. The instructions makes the application process sound a bit tricky so glad to know it's actually not!

  2. @Rachael they are simple, however can be fiddly if it's your first time. They do get easier with more practise x

  3. I wanttt these! Totally getting em!! Do they last long? xx

  4. I have these in leopard and gold foil. Love them only thing is they dont last very long on my nails as im always washing up etc. I love them on my toes though and they last really well.
    Love the giraffe print xx

  5. This is super-cute! Only realised yesterday that Lush stocks some designs, been putting off ordering off ASOS cause couldn't properly see what they were like. Am defo gonna try some, might pick them up tomorrow :)

    Jo xoxo

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