Tuesday 22 February 2011



Banish any thought of being a Plain Jane!
Wonderwomen has landed with a big thump in my makeup collection, she has certainly made an impressive mark on my makeup collection. Think big think VERY BIG! As I'm sure you have seen the bigger packaging then it wont come to any surprise this collection will be turning heads.

I was very lucky and am very grateful to the lovely Mercedez from Reigning Beauties who kindly picked these 2 very much loved items up for me from the exclusive Selfridges launch, the actual national launch date is March 3rd. Mac always release new collections the 1st Thursday in every month.
So without further a do I will show you what I decided on...

Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

As you can size you are getting a lot of product here, the normal size for MSFs are 0.35oz where as this jumbo-sized MSF is a whopping 0.70oz you do the maths!

Mighty Aphrodite Blush

Again you are getting a jumbo-sized product here, the normal size of blushes are 0.21oz where as the WW blushes come up a whopping 0.38oz.

The packaging is fabulous and I personally can't stop looking at the boxes, I have in the past thrown the LE boxes away but will be cherishing this collection! Inside the boxes are an array of stars which is so cool!

As you can see from the photos these are much bigger in size than your normal sized blushes.


  1. I also got the blusher and MSFs - I actually really like them!
    You should also check out the other peachy MSF - its not talked about much but its GORGEOUS! x

  2. Oh I love wonder women - may need to splurge on these :)
    I resisted the Disney ones (just) but that was because they had sold out of most things - love the popart images!!

  3. Wow i didnt realise how big the sizes of these were thanks for pointing that out. Im not getting anything from this collection but the blusher looks so pretty xx

  4. I am so in love with pink power!! i cannot afford it right now tho!! so much i have on this month :(


  5. i haven't purchased anything from this collection (yet), but i'm thinking about getting the mighty aphrodite. do you have any swatches? xxx

  6. All of the wonder woman line looks amazing!

    I gave you an award on my blog :)

  7. Both of these are gorgeous. I decided to save my money and not buy anything from the collection, but these are the types of posts that make me regret my decision...lol

  8. Im really unsure about this collection. But I am planning on rushing to my local MAC store on the day of its release. Im intrigued but not dead set on anything. I was going to get russian red, as I was planning on buying it anyway and the packaging was swaying me, but because of it, its added £1.50 on!:( Woe is me:)

    I would love it if you could have a look at my blog :)x


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