Saturday 12 February 2011

Everyday Minerals

I'm very happy to be reviewing some Everyday Minerals foundations, Blush and Brush for you.

Everyday Minerals is an American Brand and very good at what they do!
I'm sure you would have all heard of Everyday Minerals before, if you haven't then you need to go and check out their online store NOW! I really believe in their products and would recommend them to anyone. I thoroughly enjoy using their products and their vast amount of shades is superb.

Ok onto the products ♥

They have such a great selection of mineral foundations with various finishings so because I was totally indescisive I was kindly sent their TRY Me Kit which I would recommend to everyone to try. These kits include 5 x 1 gm jars which allows you to have 5-7 applications, this way you know for sure which shade/s you prefer.

I picked the LIGHT kit and these are the shades which come in the kit ♥

I have taken some photos for you to see for yourselves the colour and finish of the minerals.

♥ Wild Vines ♥

In these photos I'm wearing the LIGHT shade which is described as- Golden yellow undertones for light complexions and is a semi-matte finish. I must say I wasn't that keen on this particular one for myself as I felt it made me look a bit 'wishy washy' so to speak. What do you think? Please excuse the mummy bags *yawn*

Where as the next photos show me wearing Winged Butter which I loved wearing and this really brightened up my face and gave me a natural glow. Which is not surprising as this is from their Original Glo range and is described as- Golden yellow undertones for light-medium complexions.

♥ Winged Butter ♥
♥ Wild Vines ♥

Overall the 3 shades out of the 5 which I really like are
♥ Winged Butter ♥
Original Glo
♥ Soft Butter Peach ♥
♥ Fair Medium ♥
Intensive Base

Next up is one of their blushes, I have to say they have the BEST online selection of mineral blushes I have come across. For me blusher is one of my weaknesses and I get excited just looking at the colours and reading the descriptions on their online store.


I loved the look of Wild Vines, described as An ever so lush matte sobert pink blush. Online this looks like a soft pink.

However when I opened this the colour was not what I was expecting and I did feel a little bit disappointed. Despite my inital thoughts, from the first application I must say I am totally swooned over by this blush and have used it everyday since! I find myself looking at my skin in the mirror, the foundations and blush together just look so beautiful.

The storage/packaging of the mineral blush is second to none, the safety cap is very appreciated for a clumsy bugger like me!

I really want to try B&B which is described as A terracotta orange-pink shade with shimmer, I would use this for the summer with a tan. This is currently on offer at only $6.50 (£4.06) which is so cheap!!! Next up is Theme Park which is described as A Brown with undertones of coral pink and lots of shimmer.


I have been using one of their Long Handled Kabuki brushes to apply the mineral foundations. What I like about this particular Kabuki brush is the long handle.

The handle is made from renewable bamboo whilst the bristles are super soft and of great quality. Asoon as I opened this I knew this was going to be a great brush and one I would use time and time again. You can even use this brush for your blush application which is another good factor to conisder when purchasing brushes. I found the brush a pleasure to use, whilst the description online says the bristles are dense I don't think they are that dense compared to ELFs Powder brush for example HOWEVER that's not a negative because as I mentioned previously this can also be used as a blush brush so you wouldn't want the bristles too dense. You can build up your coverage as you want it with this brush and the product does not look cakey. They have a good selection of other face brushes which are worth a look.

Thanks for stopping by :) Have you tried any products from Everyday minerals? What would you recommend?

Have a Great Weekend ♥ ♥


  1. Wow, how pretty are you?! Love this post, I'm not sure if this brand is available in the UK but i'll definitely be checking it out :)

  2. These all look really great. I love mineral make up and I like finding good value stuff online as make up is so expensive in Malta... I'll have to check out the site and pray they deliver to europe!!xx

  3. love their products too ! wild wines look so pretty !

  4. That blush looks really good, might give them a try! By the way, have just nominated you for Stylish Blogger Award at :)

  5. I've never tried a mineral foundation but really want to. Do you find they have better or worse coverage than liquid foundations? I always worry that a powder will cling to dry patches on my face.

  6. Love Everyday Minerals! I've been using them for years now, and their brushes are amazing too! Love the review :)

  7. I've also used them for years but I am a bit upset with the company's owner. Products are good.

  8. You are SO pretty!!!! I am totally loving that blush on you, what a sweet color that is!!!! :) Congrats on your haul!!! I love blushes, too, I was overwhelmed by how many colors they have haha! <3

    I haven't tried these but I had been wanting for months to try a kit but always put it off - lol. I really cannot wait to do my order soon!!!! :) I will probably only get the Try me kit because I can't wait to try their formulations.. do you think they're worth it, do you think they have enough coverage? (I want medium to full coverage) and do you think the foundations would be too drying for a drier skin?

    I forgot to say that I love the Original Glo on you, it makes you look flawless!!!! Could you see that in real life, too? because that is amazing!

  9. Thanks for all the comments ladies!

    @Kay Thank you very kind! x

    @FunnyFaceBeauty, it's a hard one for me because I must admit I'm still a liquid foundation lover and recently just had a breakout and not sure if it is because of the mineral foundation blocking my pores? x

    @dust bunnies yes the coverage is good, you just need to work on building the foundation up in certain areas. x


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