Monday 3 January 2011

John Frieda Precision Hair Foam

Well there has been lots of talk amongst the Beauty folk about the New John Frieda Hair dye which in fact is a foam! I succumbed to Superdrugs great offer and bought one to try out, and of course not to feel left out.

Contents in the box are-
A pair of very swish gloves,
Instructions ( Always handy! )
The Developer ( In the big clear bottle )
The Colourant ( In the small narrow black bottle )
Conditioner ( Black tube )
The pump

You MUST be extra careful with the developer not to drop or shake it! You do'nt want to activate it.

I took some photos of my hair now, it's always good to see before and after snaps!

The day before I used the new TRESemme Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner and omg! I love love love! My hair is super shinny and soft. I will be posting a review on these soon.

I must admit after seeing these pics I actually liked my hair colour already but after finding a not so welcome GREY ( YIKES!) that's what 2 children does to you. I needed to go through with the process.

So heres a very unflattering shot of the mousse taking, I swapped my top for a vest top as I didn't want to ruin my top. I'm normally so messy but this was'nt too bad.

Do not be fooled by the amount of formula in the bottle, once pumped through the nozzle you have foam which is pretty cool hey?

The rinsing was so easy and unlike traditional creme dyes this was effortless, I have alot of hair and quite thick so it normally takes me forever to rinse my hair through. Normally by the time I have rinsed my hair my back is so stiff, I hobble about for 10 minutes afterwards! So this is a BIG bonus for me.

After shots... What do you all think?

I love the end result, I know it probably looks the same to you but I can see a small difference and you know what it's like when you dye your hair, YOU always notice it more than anyone else. It's your hair for gods sake ha ha!

Thanks for stopping by :) Have you tried this, which shade did you brave?


  1. I've tried this twice now, first time was amazing, second time it went black.

    Your hair looks gorgeous though! it's so healthy looking!!

    Hannah xx

  2. Your hair looks fab! This dye looks amazing.

  3. Hi Sherrie, your hair looks amazing, I can see the difference, it looks lovely and glossy too. I am now going to nip upstairs and pop on the exact same colour on my own hair, I was a bit nervous until I saw your results as I've been using the same dye for 15 years. Will let you now how it turns out. Jude xx @jadlgw

  4. Thanks ladies I love the shine your hair has after the dye, mind you I wonder how long it will last though? xx

    @Beauty Marked OMG! Did it? Is it back to your normal colour now? x

    @Lula I defo would give this another go ( only on offer mind lol ) x

    @Jadlgw yeah let me know how you get on :) x

  5. Your hair looks so shiny afterwards, I might try it when I decide to go back to brown :) xxx

  6. @Charli! Thanks It's defo worth the chance especially seeings I paid £5.99 for it at Superdrug but it normally costs £9.99 I think? x

  7. Your hair looks so glossy and healthy and the colour much more rich.
    I love that it has added a touch of red too - gorgeous xx

  8. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous - really shiny and healthy though to be fair that's probably nothing to do with the dye cos it looks just as awesome in the before pics! These kinda posts always make me really jealous cos I'm allergic to hair dye :)

    I've just selected you as one of my Versatile Blogger winners so feel free to stop by for a nosy! ♥

  9. Your hair looks so amazing! I'm so envious of that gorgeous colour turn-out! Oh, well done you!

    Love Britt

  10. gorgeous! totally love it! which I could change my hair colour! nothing else would suit me hehe xxxx

  11. wow that looks gorgeous, I can definitely see a difference :]

    New follower here!

  12. It looks good, very natural. I think your hair looked nice to start with and I couldn't spot any greys. We won't talk about how grey my hair is.....

  13. me and my mum are both going to try this out this week, hopefully i like it as much as everybody else seems to! :)

  14. Ohh wow- your hair is amazingly shiny, even in the before pictures!
    I can see the new colour, and it looks beautiful, makes me want brown hair so much x

  15. Tries & loved! I opted for the 4R red brown shade. Soo easy to use & the condition of my hair afterward was great! Will deffo be re-purchasing :) Lol, my bottle didn't have that huge sign on it though telling you not to shake! I confess I shook my bottle a bit wondering why it wasn't turning into foam! :/ Your locks look lovely hun

    Aysh xoxo

  16. @welshbeautyblog I love the reddy tinge! x

    @All made up How did it turn out? x

    @Brittany Thanks! x

    @Gaby Was strange using foam at first but loved it! x

    @Rose Its so hard picking a hair colour, have you ever tried a subtle rich chocolate colour? x

    @Sisi Sparkles Thanks! x

    @Modesty brown Believe me they are there Im just good at hiding them! x

    @Communicating Beauty Let me know what shade you go for x

    @Cheeky beauty I love shinny-ness i think TRESemme Naturals helped along! x

    @Aysh! Fab bet it looks lovely and radiant! I love reds x

  17. Your hair looks great! I have one dye waiting for me, hope it makes my hair shine like that!


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