Friday 21 January 2011

Friday Facial

Hello twinkles it's that time again ♥Friday Facial♥ is upon us and so today I would like to share with you a review on a facial Scrub by Montagne Jeunesse which doubles up as a masque!
For 99p you can't go wrong, treat yourself to a nice relaxing facial for cheap as chips!

Apricot Scrub is not just a scrub but a scrub in a masque. This is a fairly new scrub within their range as this was only brought out last year. The smell as you can imagine is yummy, who wouldn't like Apricot & Mango!

The best way to use and apply this masque is simple, take off your make-up and cleanse your skin as normal and then tear the tab open. I just want to mention the tab really quickly because this deserves a little mention. I have tried heaps of different masques in the past all by various companies and what I like about Montagne Jeunesse is how simple and easy the tab is to tear to reveal the product. The amount of times I have been pulling with my teeth or using so much force to tear open a masque is silly. Do you know what I mean? Please tell me you do! ha ha ♥

Once you have prepared your skin you then massge the scrub into your skin avoiding the eye area and then sit back and relax. I always use my masques when I'm relaxing in a hot bath.
The texture is so creamy and thick which is what I look for in a masque, thanks to the Apricot Kernels your skin is left feeling smooth and brighter. Whilst you have Apricot and Mango you also have Aloe Vera which naturally softens the skin and helps soothe the skin. I have not experienced any redness when using these masques.

The best way I have found to remove this is using a muslin cloth which has been soaked in hand hot water and just gentle removing the scrub masque that way, once all the masque is removed I then splash my face with the cool water to remove any excess grains.

Suitable for Vegans, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and No added Parabens ♥

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  1. I am loving the Montagne Jeunesse masques. I have finally been able to find them in my country and I cannot get enough of them. For me Friday is for facials too and I am trying to use a masque every friday :) I totally agree with you on the open tab, super easy. Thanks for this review, will have to try out this one too :)

    Charlene xxxx

  2. i love love love these masks, I used to get soo many when I was in England. I will have to find out if they sell them in Malta. U've made me want to stock up!xx

  3. Looks great! I really have to try this, so cheap!

  4. Yes...I definitely need to try this one!

    Always like one that exfoliates before you leave them on the skin.
    Will have to check back next Friday for another face mask review!

    Fee x

  5. Love it! i might have a Saturday facial!


  6. thanks for the review :) seems like a great product.

    I am a new follower and I have to say that you have a great blog :)

  7. I need to try this, looks amazing!

  8. @Charlene That's brill you are able to get them and enjoy them also! The tab is super easy isn't it!

    @Haribo lol sorry! I hope you find them, maybe Ebay? x

    @Gaby they are super cheap arent they? It's such a cheap treat which is nice on the purse and face! x

    @Fee Let me know what you think if you try it, I loved it :) x

    @Joanna Why not, treat yourself x

    @Sara.H Thank you very much! x

    @Sarah It smells great also! x

  9. Thanks for the review, I love face masks! They're so much fun! ;) x


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