Friday 14 January 2011

Cherry Tonic Face Mask ♥

Hello my cherubs! Hope your all well, I wanted to share with you a recent facial tonic mask which I used from Montagne Jeunesse. I was lucky to receive a nice selection of masks at christmas, but haven't got round to trying them until recently and wanted to share with you what I thought so far. After speaking with some of you on twitter I wanted to come up with something regular on my blog and with the help from you I have gone with...

Friday Facial

So please pop over every Friday to see which Facial I will be talking about.

Cherry Tonic is a spa facial in a mask. What's so special about this mask I here You say? Well this is not like the normally cream/mud masks, this is actually a fabric mask and feels great on
the skin. Very light and so quick to use, if you don't fancy the hassle of applying a normal mask then this would be perfect for you!

Comes folded up like this in the packet...

It's so simple to use, I enjoyed using this when relaxing in a nice bath! Apart from scaring my husband half to death when he walked in the bath room, I think the print on the mask is great.
There are another 6 more Facial Tonic Masks in this range so I recommend you check them out. These are only 99p and so worth it!

Some advice though, you have to remove the part where your lips are which is a little fiddly to say the least. However I think I was unsure to what extent the strength of the mask, do not be affraid to rip it as the fabric is really strong I thought!
I liked the fact the Cherry extracts were not over powering as I know this could put people off but the scent was very subtle.

I actually laugh when I see this pic as it slightly reminds me of Michael Myers from Halloween... ha ha!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to pop back next Friday!


  1. love this idea :)
    might have to get this now x

  2. Ive never really used one of these before, might have to have a try! :) xx

  3. I really want to try one of these face masks that aren't goopy but fit over your face. I have no idea where to get them though...

  4. it really smell cherry? :)

  5. I bet that smelt amazing! :)

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  6. It looks like fun :-)

  7. Do these sting at all? I was looking at thes masks in asda haha I know random and my friend was like oh those sting so bad :| how did you find it? x

  8. @Jenkissesapples & @ Steph These are so easy and cheap to use defo worth a try :) x

    @FunnyFaceBeauty I had a look hun and they had an online store where you are but the website was rubbish and they didn't stock anything which is such a shame! x

    @Caroleen No to be honest it does'nt smell strong like cherries, just a very subtle scent x

    @Laura Thanks will check it out! x

    @ I had fun scaring my hubby! x

    @Adrienne No not at all, this is not like an astringent. My skin can be sensitive to masks and in the past when I have used other brands my skin has actually burnt but with these masks they are fine. If your unsure you could always open one up and test a little of the liquid on your skin and see how it is. The masks will still stay nice and wet inside the packet and then try it the following day.x


♥ Thanks for your messages they bring a smile to my face Thank you ♥